8 Captivating Documentaries to Stream Now (PHOTOS)

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Best Documentaries 2020 Streaming
Hulu; Cinetic; Hulu
Tiny Shoulders Rethinking Barbie Hulu

Tiny Shoulders: Rethinking Barbie

Life in plastic may be fantastic, but it doesn’t come without criticism. The world of Barbie is truly revealed, from her invention to rebranding to feminist critics over the years. What does the Barbie brand strive to represent today and how will they approach the future? Find out with this in-depth documentary.

Where to stream:Hulu

Ramen Heads Streaming Hulu

Ramen Heads

Who’s hungry? If you find it hard to resist the steaming broth and delectable noodles of a good bowl of ramen, then this is the documentary for you. Learn the inside secrets of this delightful meal from Japan’s own “ramen king.”

Where to stream: Hulu

Kiki Streaming Hulu
IFC Films


Dive into the glittering world of the NYC kiki scene with this documentary. Using fashion, dance, and solidarity, young LGBTQ POC come together to find community and foster the unique parts of themselves that may not be as warmly welcomed by the outside world.

Where to stream: Hulu

How It's Made Streaming Hulu

How It's Made

Sure, you might have a good idea of how your coffee is made, but what about how they make the machine that brews it? Take a look at the manufacturing process behind all of your favorite household items with this fun series. It might surprise you to see how these everyday items are formed.

Where to stream: Hulu

Margaret Atwood: A Word After a Word After a Word is Power Streaming Hulu

Margaret Atwood: A Word After a Word After a Word is Power

Margaret Atwood is the author of over 60 books, including the award-winning novel-turned-Hulu series The Handmaid’s Tale. This documentary takes a closer look at her life, career, and goals in her writing. Now in her eighties, Atwood is still taking the literary world by storm.

Where to stream: Hulu

Hillary Streaming Hulu


Hillary Clinton’s campaign leading up to the 2016 presidential election will no doubt go down in the history books, but what led to her rise in the world of politics? How does she really feel about how it all happened? With four hour-long parts, this docu-series goes deeper than ever into the world of all things Hillary.

Where to stream: Hulu

NOVA Black Hole Apocalypse Streaming Netflix

NOVA: Black Hole Apocalypse

In this documentary, astrophysicists discuss black holes and the ways that they are thought to have contributed to life on earth. These powerful and mysterious forces found in space are an intriguing source of inquiry for scientists and everyday people alike.

Where to stream: Netflix

Oceans Streaming Netflix


This Disney Nature documentary explores the hidden world under the sea and how it relates to human life. With stunning images, funky creatures, and the soothing sounds of ocean waves crashing, you can’t go wrong with this fascinating documentary.

Where to stream: Netflix

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While many people often use movies and television shows as an escape from the real world, these documentaries promise to focus your attention back on reality. Luckily, the stories in these documentaries are anything but ordinary!

These real stories highlight some of the many noteworthy things in the world that are often going on right under our noses. From the rise of the Barbie brand to the best ramen in Japan, you won’t want to miss the entertaining documentaries, streaming now, in the gallery above.