‘Bachelor in Paradise’ 2019 Episode 4: Hannah’s Secret Is Revealed (RECAP)

Spoiler Alert

On Monday night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise, we left off with Dylan questioning if Hannah G. and Blake dated prior to the show. And it looks like tonight, we get our answer.

Read on for all of the highlights from Episode 3!

Dean arrives with his mustache

He’s baaack! Dean shows up in Paradise looking, well, different.

Apparently he’s no longer a player just looking to hook up with girls. He’s an older, more mature player — with a mustache! — just looking to hook up with girls.

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Dean decides to take Caelynn out on the date, which blindsides both Mike and of course, good old Cam.

On the date, Dean admits that he’s regretful over the way he behaved the last time he was on the show (referring to his rollercoaster relationship with Kristina). He’s currently jobless, homeless, and living in a van, which he admits has put a “wedge” in his dating life. But he’s looking for someone to join him on his travel adventures.

Still, Caelynn seems more than willing to join him in the van.

Derek and Demi’s relationship gets a curveball

There’s trouble in (literal) paradise for Demi and Derek. These two established a strong connection during the first week but seem to be struggling to keep up that momentum. The reason? Demi hasn’t confided in Derek about the girlfriend she has back home.

“There’s just this part of me that nobody knows about. I have been dating a woman back home,” Demi tells Katie in an emotional heart-to-heart. “I really don’t know what I want and that’s what I’m trying to figure out.”

She recently came out to her parents and although the conversation went well, she struggles with acceptance in general.

“This is about me embracing that side of me and showing that side of me,” she says. “It’s really hard though and I’m really scared still.”


Before the rose ceremony, Demi finally opens up to Derek about her girlfriend back home. She assures him that she’s still very much into him, but it was important for her to be honest about her feelings.

Derek admits that he’s happy that she felt comfortable enough to confide in him. He tells her that he wants to continue their relationship in Paradise.

“It makes me feel closer to her to know more about her,” he says.

Hannah’s secret is out

So, Hannah may not be as innocent as we thought.

After seeing how close and connected Hannah and Blake have been acting, Dylan questions if they have a romantic history. “I just feel like I don’t something. What am I missing?” he asks. “I just feel like I’m missing something.”

That’s because he is missing something. Hannah finally comes clean that Blake flew to see her in Alabama to have a “conversation” (LOL). Dylan is clearly blindsided by this news. That little detail has been conveniently left out thus far.

To make matters worse, Blake reveals that he visited Hannah just one week prior to leaving for Paradise, so their relationship is still very fresh.

Tayshia seems most hurt by Hannah’s behavior. She feels that they were close on Colton’s season and assumed she would’ve told her about her past with Blake.

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“She plays this innocent card,” Tayshia says. “But she knows what she’s doing.”

Christian and Jordan fight

A new guy named Christian arrives on the beach and you probably don’t remember him from Becca’s season. He went home night one but feuded with Jordan on the Men Tell All special. And now in Paradise, they’re reigniting their feud.

So, Christian shows up and asks Nicole on a date. Nicole previously went on dates with both Jordan and Clay, so they’re obviously not too happy about their potential rose hanging with another guy.

When they return from their date, all hell breaks loose. Clay pulls Nicole aside and Christian tries to interrupt them to “continue his date” with her. They argue for a bit until Christian finally walks away.

Later in the evening, Christian sets up a piñata for Nicole along with chocolate covered strawberries. In the middle of their conversation, Clay walks over to interrupt. But Christian won’t budge, so Clay walks away and tells Jordan what happened.

To defend Clay, Jordan runs over to rip the piñata down. Christian grabs the piñata out of his hands and it turns into a full blown brawl. This will not end well.

Right when the fight is about to reach it’s peak, we’re hit with a preview for next week’s episode. Guess we’ll have to wait to see what happens with Jordan and Christian then, but… it doesn’t look good.

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