What Happened Between Dean Unglert & Kristina Schulman on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’?


Dean Unglert and Kristina Schulman are both giving Bachelor in Paradise a second try this summer — but their first time around didn’t exactly go as planned. In fact, it ended with Kristina leaving the show voluntarily in tears with Dean chasing after her.

So, what happened between Dean and Kristina in Paradise back in 2017? We should probably refresh our memories before the two reunite on that beach in Mexico for Season 6.

Here’s a breakdown of their relationship history:

They met during Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise

Dean and Kristina met and instantly felt a connection. Shortly after meeting, production of the show was temporarily suspended and the cast and crew were sent home. During the hiatus, the couple continued their relationship off-camera and Dean even flew to Kristina’s hometown of Kentucky to spend time with her.

But when they returned, everything changed.

“Initially, Dean and I hit it off. I feel like he’s still closed off and I don’t know if it’s because we’re back in Paradise and the cameras are rolling or whether it’s me,” Kristina said while filming. “I would like to get to know him a little bit better but he has a wall built up around him and I don’t know how he’s feeling.”

A Paradise love triangle formed with Danielle Lombard

Danielle (aka D-Lo from Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor) showed up in Paradise and immediately made the tension between Dean and Kristina worse.

“On a scale of one to physically attractive, I’ll take physically attractive for 500 please,” Dean said to the cameras after setting eyes on Danielle for the first time.

Kristina, Dean, and D-Lo (ABC/Craig Sjodin)

Danielle asked Dean on a date, which he gladly accepted with out running it by Kristina. And so began the back-and-forth rollercoaster that lasted for the duration of the season.

“I don’t want to be made a fool I think that’s what I’m afraid of. I’ve had enough relationships in the past where I’ve been put second and that’s what it feels like,” Kristina said. “I just don’t want to be in the most romantic setting and watch the guy you like get romantically involved with another girl.”

Dean hooked up with Danielle in front of Kristina

To make things even worse, one night in Paradise, Dean and Danielle had a steamy makeout session in the pool, not knowing that Kristina was watching. Kristina confronted Dean about his unacceptable behavior, but he wasn’t able to offer much of an answer.

He asked her to be “patient” so he could figure out what’s going on in his heart, but Kristina wasn’t buying that.

“Don’t ask me to be patient when you’re locking lips, legs, arms around someone else. I’m not going to be patient about that,” she said. “You’ve done a really good job at pushing me away for the past couple of days.”

“I don’t understand how I can have the most amazing girl in the world in front of me and yet here I am, flirting with another girl in the pool,” Dean responded.


Danielle gave Dean an ultimatum

Not only was Kristina frustrated with Dean’s indecisiveness, but so was Danielle.

Danielle told Dean that if he accepted a rose from Kristina, she no longer wanted to pursue a relationship with him. This wake-up call was enough for Dean to pump the brakes with Kristina and focus his energy on Danielle.

Kristina left the show

After learning that Dean was going to pursue D-Lo, she couldn’t stay on the show any longer. During the rose ceremony, Kristina stood in front of the group and admitted that she was hopeful about the experience but ultimately doesn’t feel respected by certain people (cough, Dean).

Dean chased Kristina out to the car, hugged her, and cried. “I hate myself,” he said, before going back to the rose ceremony.

Dean ended up accepting a rose from Danielle.

Dean left the show

“After Kristina sent herself home, I kind of realized that I care a lot about Kristina and that I love her,” Dean told Danielle, breaking up with her.

“If you’re still having feelings for her, I think you need to figure things out for yourself,” Danielle replied.

The back-and-forth continued

Unfortunately, Dean’s indecisiveness didn’t end after leaving the beach. It was revealed on the After Show special that Dean continued to talk to both Kristina and Danielle without the other knowing.

“Careful, Dean. Are you still flip-flopping us?” Kristina asked.

The threesome also appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show where Ellen tried to dissect the complicated love triangle. On that show, it was revealed that Kristina would give Dean another chance if he truly learned his lesson.


To two apparently did give their relationship yet another try after that, but it was short-lived. Dean eventually went on to join The Bachelor Winter Games and date Lesley Murphy, but that relationship only lasted a few months.

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