‘Bachelor in Paradise’ 2019 Episode 3: Wait, Is Hannah the New Villain? (RECAP)

Spoiler Alert

Blake Horstmann really stepped up the drama when he released personal and intimate text messages between himself and Caelynn Miller-Keyes during last week’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise.

And tonight, we pick up where we left off: Everyone’s hating Blake, girls are trying to secure roses from just about anyone on that beach (I see you, Caelynn), and the very first rose ceremony of the season is about to commence.

Read on for all of the highlights from Episode 3:

Who goes home?

The men have the power and three girls are going home.

Derek gives his rose to Demi, Clay to Nicole, Wills to Katie, Kevin to Sydney, John Paul Jones to Onyeka, Cam to Caelynn, Dylan to Hannah, Blake to Tayshia, and finally, Chris to Kristina.

Which means Annaliese, Bibiana, and Jane are sent packing.

“Maybe if I would’ve hooked up with Blake I would’ve stayed longer,” Bibiana says in her car ride home. Very good point, Bibi. Let’s hope she prepares better next time…

Jordan returns to Paradise.

He’s baaaack! Jordan arrives in Paradise with a whole new outlook on life and love. Last time we saw him, he was getting engaged to Jenna Cooper on the beach in Mexico last year — but that relationship went south quickly after the cameras stopped rolling. Still, he’s not letting his past hold him back from a third shot at love.

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Jordan immediately expresses interest in Hannah and she tells him that she’s in a complicated situation with Blake and Dylan. That doesn’t stop him from pursuing her because, as he puts it, if he wants to take Hannah on a date, Hannah’s going to go on a date.

Wrong. Hannah denies Jordan’s invite because honestly, the girl can only handle so many men at once. Naturally, Jordan’s massive ego is bruised and he confronts Blake for “making love to half of the cast” and “putting his spoon in all the pudding.”

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Surprisingly, Blake takes Jordan’s confrontation really well and tells him he plans to fix everything. Good luck with that.

But Jordan still needs to find someone to take on his date, so, out of left field, he chooses Nicole. Nicole just went on a date with Clay last week, so I’m honestly pretty surprised that she agreed to the date. Not to mention, they seem like the oddest pairing in Paradise history, but sure.

After the date, Nicole admits that Jordan is “no comparison” to Clay and she rushes back into his arms. Sorry, Jordan.

Mike shows up with a date card.

Wait a second, isn’t he supposed to be preparing to be our next Bachelor? What’s he doing in Paradise? I’m sure that’s the question on everyone’s minds right now. But fear not, both Colton Underwood and Nick Viall went to Paradise and we all know how their stories worked out, so Mike isn’t out of the running just yet.

So, Mike shows up with a date card and all of the dudes on the beach immediately feel the need to hold their girls a little bit closer. One flash of that mega-watt smile and even the strongest couple could easily break.

Onyeka expresses an immediate interest in Mike and the two seem to really hit it off initially — but ultimately, it’s Caelynn who Mike asks to go on a one-on-one date with. Lucky girl.

Naturally, Cam is not excited about Mike taking Caelynn on a date, as he’s already professed his love for Caelynn with a multi-page letter just moments prior to his arrival.

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On the date, Mike seems to be really into Caelynn while at the same time kind of giving Bachelor Nation a preview of what we can expect if he does, in fact, become the next Bachelor. He’s says all the right things — he’s ready for love, ready for marriage, just looking for the right one, etc.

They seal the date with a kiss and I think it’s safe to say Caelynn is done with Cam now.

“This may be our last first date ever,” Mike says. Eek.

Hannah’s love triangle with Dylan and Blake continues.

Hannah is torn between two men — Dylan and Blake. She clearly is a hot commodity and wants to keep her options open, but Dylan is a smitten kitten and seems genuinely sad that she’s not willing to commit exclusively to him. Poor dude.

Despite going on a date with Tayshia (and having a romantic history with Caelynn and Kristina), Blake says he’s only interested in pursuing Hannah. Which means Hannah needs to make a decision… like, yesterday.

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Blake pulls Hannah aside on the beach and the two start making out in plain sight of the rest of the group…including Dylan. RUDE. Dylan swoops in to steal Hannah away because he truly can’t handle the sight of his lady being kissed by another man.

Blake and Dylan start fighting like children over Hannah as if she’s a toy.

Blake: It’s my turn.

Dylan: But like, you’ve had her for so long.

Blake: You’re smothering her.

Dylan: She was mine first.

Dylan eventually gives up and walks away, leaving Hannah and Blake to continue their time alone. Hannah quickly starts to develop the same “player” reputation that Blake has. Blake assures her she shouldn’t worry… Sure, Jan.

“What am I not seeing? What am I not getting?” Dylan asks. “Did they date beforehand or something?”

From the looks of the trailer for tomorrow night’s episode, sweet little Hannah might not be so sweet. Until then…

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