Who Gets in a Fight on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’? Details on the Beach Brawl

Spoiler Alert

[WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Bachelor in Paradise Season 6.]

We’re only three episodes into the 2019 season of Bachelor in Paradise but the drama is only getting started. Turns out, fans are in for so much more than just a Blake/Caelynn feud.

As we saw in the trailer, a major fight breaks out on the beach between two men, leaving the rest of the cast in complete shock. “What is happening? They’re like, actually fighting,” Caelynn says.

Check out the clip below which features the infamous brawl. You’ll see that it’s difficult to identify who it is that gets in a fight on the beach because the camera moves so rapidly.


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Ships about to go DOWN on #BachelorInParadise tonight and tomorrow at 8|7c on ABC!

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It’s time to investigate this a little bit further. Let’s gather everything we know. Warning: This post will contain spoilers — read at your own risk!

The social media hint

Christian Estrada, the model who was sent home the first night from Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette, gave fans a little insight when he shared a clip of the fight and captioned it, “ITS NOT GOOD TO WAKE A SLEEPING LION.”

Could it be that Christian arrives on the beach and starts a fight with someone? Very possible.


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Bachelor in Paradise 🏝 🇲🇽 August 5th ITS NOT GOOD TO WAKE A SLEEPING LION #bachelornation #bachelorinparadise

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Comments like “Wow you can run” and “You are a knockout” started pouring in, making it clear that people think Christian is the one fighting in the clip. But who is he fighting with?

Reality Steve weighs in

Blogger Reality Steve reported on the fight, saying that it is in fact Christian in the clip along with the Mayor of Paradise himself, Jordan Kimball.

According to Steve, the two get into a brawl over Nicole Lopez-Alvar.

“During the cocktail party of this episode, Christian and Nicole are off by themselves talking and he brought a piñata,” he writes in his episode-by-episode spoilers. “Clay goes over to interrupt and basically Christian doesn’t let him. Clay goes back to the group, tells them what happened, and Jordan then goes over to talk to Christian. He’s about to rip the piñata from where it was hanging (basically to throw it in the ocean like last season’s teddy bear), but Christian grabs his arm, and Jordan body slams him to the ground. Security has to jump in and separate the two.”

Jordan promises to bring drama


Just last week, Jordan took to his Twitter account to announce his dramatic arrival. He warned fans to “just wait until next week” for the real drama to unfold — was his fight with Christian what he was hinting at?

It’s very likely. This isn’t the first time Jordan and Christian have butted heads. If you remember way back when, the two actually came face to face at the Men Tell All special during Becca’s season and shared a few choice words for one another. Jordan refused to call Christian by his name, and settled for “Guy With Mustache”.

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