’90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days’: The End Is in Sight (RECAP)

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Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 4, Episode 11 of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days.]

The season starts to wrap up with a surprise proposal and Erika coming out to her parents. Meanwhile Ash is still comparing women to “dogs,” and it seems that two breakups might be coming. Whose love will make it to the end of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days Season 4?

Balancing Act

Lisa starts off the episode continuing her argument with Usman. “I’m tired of hearing him bitch and have his tantrums, so I’m out,” she says, flipping him off as she walks away. “Usman definitely wants to be the alpha male. I’m willing to blend somewhat to his culture but I’m not going to be an obedient wife.”

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They somehow resolve the power dynamic after Usman says he’s willing to be “60-40” with her during their upcoming marriage.

Baby Pool

Following their confrontation over money, Rosemarie and Ed relax at the pool. There are a series of awkward underwater shots of both in their swimwear, and just as it seems they’re on better terms, Ed opens up regarding his plans to not have more children. He is scheduled to get a vasectomy in San Diego, but this is news to Rosemarie. “I want two kids because that’s my dream,” she responds. “I feel very, very, very sad.”

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“Rose, I’m telling you now I don’t want more kids. I want to be able to give you the best life I can…I only have enough love, I only have enough money, for you and for Prince,” Ed firmly states. “Do you still love me?” Rosemarie just says she needs more time to think everything over.

Coming Out Concerns

Erika gets ready to introduce Stephanie to her parents and come out to them as bisexual. Erika is nervous about the evening, and Stephanie shares her concerns as well. “You’re braver than me,” she tells Erika. “This isn’t just cut and dry. This isn’t easy. This is a huge, huge step for us to be together.”

Boggled By Google

From trying to figure out how to book a flight to deciphering scam emails, Yolanda has basically been at her computer this whole season. So of course we pick up on the reverse image search for the elusive Williams. It turns out that the images posted on Instagram were model stock photos titled “Handsome Muscular Shirtless Man Hunk Man in City Park.”

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days_TLC


“That was one photo, let’s try another one,” Yolanda begs in a cringeworthy moment. Surprise surprise, the second photo garners the same result. “Is it a coincidence that it comes up as a stock photo?” No, her children resoundingly answer. This confuses Yolanda even further as she repeatedly mutters “oh dear, oh no.”

Finally she says, “Am I being catfished? I don’t know now. I feel like the truth is somewhere in the middle.” Yolanda, just please stop. Please. This is bordering on a South Park joke.

Steamy Soulmates

Varya and Geoffrey enjoy camping in the countryside before experiencing a traditional Russian bayna. “Sauna is a boring version of bayna,” Varya explains to the camera. The nude steam room incorporates a beating with bushes and felt hats. The couple then goes skinny-dipping in the river. Post-spa, Geoffrey checks in with Varya to see how she feels about their relationship thus far.

Varya_Before the 90 Days_TLC


“I come with a lot of baggage. I come with a past, but I want you to look at this as us being two old people in a rocking chair, sitting on a porch together forever,” Geoffrey tells her.

Varya says that he “dazzles” her and they might be soulmates, yet something is holding her back. “I have to decide very soon,” she tells the camera.


“Today the seminar was not my brightest moment,” Ash says in a confessional, prompting the question: What do his seminars normally look like? He then turns around and tells Avery that she was “attacking him” and being patronizing.

Ash_Before the 90 Days_TLC


The irony is his reaction was exactly what Avery is asking about: his blatant sexist tendencies. Ash’s insecurity is heightened when he feels threatened, and he defensively continues to lash out.

“I still don’t have clarity and seeing how he carried himself today, it’s worrying me about moving forward in our relationship,” she admits in a confessional.

Locating Lana

Back in the U.S. empty-handed, David meets his friend at the airport. “He really believed that this was a real relationship and it turned out not to be, so I feel sorry for him,” his friend says in a confessional.

“After thinking about it, I still want closure,” David tells him. He plans to hire a private investigator to locate the real Lana.

“I think at some point Dave, you just have to say she’s fake. I don’t think you’ll ever get closure if she’s not real,” his friend claps back.

David_Before the 90 Days_TLC


“Of course she’s real, come on,” David cries, saying there’s a difference between meeting her and talking to her online. “I know I got a lot of lies from Lana, so I’m hoping the investigator will validate Lana is who I think she is because I don’t know if I’m ready to find out if my truth is not THE truth.”

Can Yolanda and David just form a catfish club or something? They both live in Vegas!

Lock & Key

After ripping up Tom’s note that he dropped off, Darcey mails back Tom’s symbolic “key to his heart.” “I’m starting over again completely….I’ll never let myself get treated like this again,” Darcey says as she packs the key. “He can take his rickety ass, dull ass key back.”

Tom, though, is apparently still in New York pining over Darcey. He FaceTimes new fling Shannon at a wine bar to assure himself he made the right decision.

U.S. Man

Usman films himself singing Lisa’s ballad with a selfie stick, after which TLC plays the full song as they ride to the airport. Can this get any more perfect?

Plus Lisa’s pre-flight lunch pose is a quarantine mood:

Lisa_Before the 90 Days_TLC


Once back in the city, they try to obtain a marriage license, but Lisa’s divorce certificate is necessary to approve their wedding in Nigeria. Lisa is frantic over how to get the official paperwork in time, with only three days left to wed.

Usman similarly is concerned. “I’m very concerned about me not getting married at this time because it will affect me not to move to the States,” he frets to the camera.

Lisa + Usman_Before the 90 Days_TLC


Lisa scolds Usman for not telling her what was needed, but this only fuels Usman’s frustration with her. “I bent over backwards to make sure this wedding happens…I feel like I’m in a nightmare,” she explains.

The Big Moment

Erika’s fun and welcoming parents immediately embrace both her and Stephanie. From dad jokes to kangaroo feedings, the couple recall their adventures thus far. Erika calls herself and Stephanie a “we” and then clarifies Stephanie is her partner. Her father jokingly asks if she wants more fried rice to break the tension. “You don’t care at all?” Erika clarifies.

“It’s not a worry to have as a parent. It’s just information, that’s all,” her dad comforts. Her mom agrees that their main focus is Erika being happy.

“I’m extremely proud of my parents for how welcoming they were about the fact that I’m bisexual. They took it so well which was pretty amazing because not everyone has that experience when they’re coming out to their parents,” Erika thankfully says. Her mom says that she always had a feeling that Erika was bisexual, but she doesn’t care where Erika’s “happiness comes from.”

Erika_Before the 90 Days_TLC


“I can see why [Erika] is so cool, she gets it from you guys,” Stephanie laughs at the table. Erika’s dad asks if Stephanie’s mother knows yet, and Stephanie says that she hasn’t found the right time yet to tell her. To the camera, Stephanie worries that it will be a “different experience” than Erika had telling her parents.

Erika also breaks the news that she might be moving to New York if things continue with Stephanie. That is more of a concern to her parents, but again they say they just want her to be happy no matter where that may be. Erika and her mother cry together before wrapping Stephanie into large hug. The touching moment passes as Erika and Stephanie leave her parents’ house to return to the hotel.

The Talented Ms. Lana

David asks his Ukrainian friend Victoria to translate for the private investigator he hired. Apparently “Lana,” or the person David has been communicating with, has various online dating profiles with different names but the same picture.

David says that is a flat out lie. Victoria almost starts chuckling; this is a fact, according to the investigator David hired. “Her picture could be stolen and used by other false websites. I’m going to bet that these are all fake websites,” David adamantly declares. Why not reverse image search, á la Yolanda?

“How long are you going to lie to yourself?” Victoria asks him.

David_Before the 90 Days_TLC


“Let’s get real here, you don’t know her, I do,” David snaps. “You’re listening to him and he’s just giving you false information.”

“You’re the one who hired him. And I’m just the translator, don’t kill the messenger,” Victoria laughs.

“This is all being made up now,” a delusional David states. Yes David, this is a huge Ukrainian conspiracy spanning dating sites, false addresses, and fake P.Is. “There is nothing here I didn’t already know. She is not scamming me, she is not earning money from the website….The private investigator doesn’t know her as I do.” Well you don’t know her, David. That’s the point.

“I’m Done”

Rosemarie tells Ed that she wants to be alone and have space to think about their future together. “Why did you not tell me the truth that you didn’t want a baby? Why didn’t you tell me first before you came here?” she prods.

Rosemarie_Before the 90 Days_TLC


“I apologize. I should have said ‘look I don’t want more kids.’ But I wanted to get to know you, I wanted you to get to know me. I wanted to see if we were compatible,” Ed explains.

Rosemarie lists the times he has embarrassed her, ranging from asking about the STD test to giving her mouthwash. “I’m done,” she concludes.

Cross-Country Cheating

Tom met his current Toronto-based love Shannon three weeks ago in Milan. Obviously he kept this a secret from Darcey but told Shannon about his relationship with Darcey. Shannon asks if he felt romantic feelings towards Darcey in New York, and Tom just says that the only thing he felt was “sorry for her.”

“I want to move on with my life and find happiness, which I have with you,” Tom tells Shannon, super prematurely. It’s only been a few weeks, and he obviously has past issues with being in long distance relationships. Tom tells Shannon he wants to visit her in Toronto before heading back to England.

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days_TLC


“Things made me realize that what I had with someone else was everything I wanted,” Tom tells the camera. Will it last though?

Run Avery Run

Avery and Ash apparently argued all night at their rental apartment. “She’s like a pitbull holding onto it. She won’t let go,” he complains. Yes, comparing your girlfriend to a dog is definitely the way to prove you’re not sexist.

“You’re a very hard person, act very heartless. You hurt people. You actually hurt people very deeply,” Ash tells Avery to her face. “Why do you hurt me?” he continues his despicable rant, saying that he feels like a “dog” that she has “kicked.”

Avery_Before the 90 Days_TLC


“I don’t think you have ill intentions…Am I supposed to pretend like I don’t see red flags?” Avery tries to calmly respond.

“There’s an issue. Not with me now, with you,” Ash pouts. Avery says in a confessional she feels attacked for not agreeing with him, and instead of trying to openly communicate with her, he’s just deflecting.

Avery needs to get out of this unhealthy situation as soon as possible.

Picnic Proposal

“I think being on this timeframe that we’ve been on has pushed us to grow closer, quicker,” Geoffrey opens up to Varya. He says there is “no doubt” that she is his soulmate because the fourth time with marriage is a charm. According to Geoffrey, Varya makes him a better person.

Varya_Before the 90 Days_TLC


And finally, on a picnic table in the woods, Geoffrey asks Varya to marry him. But we’ll have to wait until next week to see what she says!


“I fell in love with you on Facebook” — the best media endorsement for the platform since The Social Network — is said by Ed as he pleads with Rosemarie to stay. She responds that he doesn’t deserve her. David is back wandering around (is he flying again to Ukraine?), while Ash gives Avery an ultimatum. Varya also probably says yes, and Stephanie debates coming out to her mom on FaceTime but quickly is shown crying and throwing things after a fight with Erika.

Until next week!

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