8 Best Wedding Shows to Stream for Drama & Ideas (PHOTOS)

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Best Streaming Wedding Shows
Lifetime; TLC (2)
Say Yes to the Dress Streaming Hulu

Say Yes to the Dress

If you’re looking for your perfect dress, Randy and the rest of the Kleinfeld crew have got you covered. Whether you want to go all out on a ballgown fit for a queen or keep your budget under control with a simple silhouette, Kleinfeld truly has it all. Every bride has her own unique needs, and the Say Yes to the Dress team always makes sure she shines.

Where to stream: Hulu

Four Weddings Streaming Hulu

Four Weddings

It’s time for a wedding showdown! In each episode, four brides compete to wow their competition with their wild and extravagant wedding. After they rate different elements of each other’s weddings, a winner is revealed and sent off on a luxurious honeymoon with her new hubby.

Where to stream: Hulu

Married at First Sight Streaming Hulu

Married at First Sight

How long does it take to know your partner is “the one”? For these six singles, they felt the love in seconds flat. Matched up by relationship experts, will these newlyweds turn out to be soulmates or be disappointed in their quest for love?

Where to stream: Hulu

90 Day Fiance Streaming Hulu

90 Day Fiancé

A group of Americans and their foreign fiancés are given the ultimate test: can their long distance relationships translate to real life or will everything fall apart when they’re faced with reality? The clock is ticking as things get tough and these couples are forced to choose whether the wedding is still on when their 90 day Visas are done.

Where to stream: Hulu

Cheapest Weddings Streaming Netflix
Seven Network

Cheapest Weddings

Looking to pinch some pennies on your special day? While some brides opt for over the top celebrations, these ladies are keeping costs low. These thrifty brides might have less in their pockets, but don’t let that fool you. They’re anything but short on drama!

Where to stream: Netflix

Diva Brides Streaming Netflix
Channel 5

Diva Brides

Every bride has her own vision of her perfect wedding, but these divas have taken it to the next level! Will they pull it together in time, or will their spoiled antics ruin their special day? No matter what, we can’t wait to watch the drama unfold.

Where to stream: Netflix

Best in Bridal Streaming Amazon Prime Video

Best in Bridal

It’s a battle of the sexes for these two rival bridal shop owners as they compete for business on the same street. Once friends and co-workers, Dave and Shelley are now ready to duke it out to prove who’s really the best in bridal.

Where to stream: Amazon Prime Video

Wedding SOS Streaming Amazon Prime Video

Wedding SOS

Wedding planning can be anything but a piece of cake, and these spouses-to-be are all totally in over their heads. Lucky for them, wedding expert Jane Dayus-Hinch is there to save the day! By granting each couple three wishes leading up to the big day, will Jane be able to salvage these ceremonies, or will these couples’ fairy-tale dreams fall flat?

Where to stream: Amazon Prime Video

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Flowers, rings, and dresses, oh my! Whether you’re looking to get creative for your own wedding day or just want to sit back and watch the drama unfold, we’ve got the perfect shows for you to stream.

From centerpiece disasters to flashy designer gowns, these spouses-to-be are sure to entertain as they work towards their big day. Will each couple live happily ever after, or will the pressure prove to be too much?

Find out with the captivating wedding shows, from 90 Day Fiancé to Say Yes to the Dress, in the gallery above.