Relationships Get Complicated on ‘A Million Little Things’ (RECAP)

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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 2, Episode 2 of A Million Little Things, “grand canyon.”]

Are confessions good for the soul?

A Million Little Things explores the moments leading up to one and the aftermath of another in the second episode of the new season. PJ’s (Chandler Riggs) search for answers about his father continues, while Eddie (David Giuntoli) faces the fallout over his confession to Katherine (Grace Park) about the truth of Charlotte’s paternity.

Elsewhere, Patricia (Melora Hardin), comes to town, but she has a couple things to tell her daughter, Maggie (Allison Miller).

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Here, we take a look at the most complicated relationships of the episode.

Eddie & Katherine

Eddie continues to tell Theo that Katherine’s busy with work to explain her absence, and when Katherine returns home, she learns Eddie told him she had a trial in the Grand Canyon. And she’s back just in time to attend Garden Day. “I need to be there for [Theo],” Katherine says.

But at the event, Katherine finds it “hard to pretend everything is fine when it’s not.” When she says she can’t do it, Eddie insists the three of them leave. Once back home, Katherine watches Eddie and Theo playing around in the backyard and remembers going to her mother’s. She walks over to her suitcase … but while it looks like she’s going to leave again, she doesn’t.

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Eddie worries she has, but finds her looking at the “tent” he’d set up for Theo to go “camping” in his room while she was away. “I didn’t feel right sleeping in the bed without you,” he admits. He promises to clean it up before he leaves to stay at Maggie’s old place, but she stops him. When she was home, she saw her awards from a time her life was perfect and remembered when it wasn’t: her second year in law school when she met him at a random concert. “My life was never the same,” Katherine says. “I spent my whole life planning for tomorrow, and you taught me to live for today.”

“You taught me to believe in tomorrow,” Eddie tells her. “And I really want a tomorrow with you.” How do they get back there? Katherine doesn’t think they can, not with his and Delilah’s baby. “And maybe we shouldn’t,” she adds. “I was thinking about what Theo said at school, about the Grand Canyon, how the erosion over time gave way to something beautiful. Maybe instead of trying to get back to what we were, we figure out what we’re going to be.” She asks him to stay and help her get through it, and he swears he’ll do anything for her. She even asks what Delilah (Stephanie Szostak) had and congratulates Eddie on his daughter.

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Later, Katherine joins Eddie and Theo as they read together while “camping.”

Maggie & Patricia

Maggie’s mother and Gary’s (James Roday) relationship is much better than it was when they first met. (Who doesn’t get frustrated about a parking spot?) She even texts him sometimes and hugs him first when she comes to town in “grand canyon.” But Maggie and Patricia only seem to do well around one another in small doses, and Maggie is stunned when her mother announces she left her father. Patricia’s even looking at apartments in Boston.

After a psychic seemingly connects with Maggie’s brother, she goes for a run, and Gary fills Patricia in. Patricia admits she went to a psychic too, wishing for proof Chad was still around. “You need to appreciate what you have, instead of focusing on what you lost,” Patricia has learned, and that’s why she’s in Boston. She hasn’t told her daughter because she doesn’t want to say the wrong thing and is afraid Maggie won’t feel like she does. Gary suggests she figure things out in Maggie’s old apartment.

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Gary then sends Maggie to meet Patricia and try to connect with her, and Maggie begins joking with a stranger, Eric (Jason Ritter), at the bar of the restaurant. However, after she steps away for a moment, she turns back to see Patricia touching and laughing with Eric and runs out. Is he why Patricia left her husband?

PJ & His Search for His Father

After Mitch’s (Rhys Cairo) friend sees PJ in Brookline, he asks what he was doing there. PJ claims he was visiting his girlfriend (clearly a better story than “I was snooping in Delilah’s house”). When Mitch says he didn’t even know he had a girlfriend, PJ retorts that he’s telling the truth because they “don’t lie to each other.” Ouch.

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Mitch doesn’t want PJ finding out he’s been lying to him his whole life, a fact he reiterates when he and Barbara (Drea de Matteo) tell Delilah they aren’t taking the money Jon left them. Mitch doesn’t know why he left it to them considering Barbara didn’t hear from him for years. Delilah suggests it was his way to make up for not being there for her and PJ.

PJ turns to Rome (Romany Malco) for advice. “I’m just not the son that he wanted me to be,” he says about Mitch. But as he looks around Rome’s apartment, he sees a photo of the guys at a hockey game and asks, “who’s this guy?” Rome thinks he means Gary, but PJ corrects him and points to Jon. Rome explains he killed himself last year. “He was so fun,” he says. “You would’ve loved him.”

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But as PJ leaves, Rome asks how he knew who Gary was. “The day I met you, I never told you why I was at the hospital. I was there looking for you all,” PJ admits. “I think Jon might be my father.”

What do you think of PJ’s confession? And what do you think of the ups and downs of Eddie and Katherine’s relationship in the first two episodes of Season 2?

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