‘A Million Little Things’ Reveals If Jon Is PJ’s Father (RECAP)

Spoiler Alert
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 2, Episode 7 of A Million Little Things, “ten years.”]

Jon may not be Charlie’s father, but does he have a third child? That’s the question A Million Little Things has been asking in Season 2 — and we (may) finally have the answer.

As everyone celebrates Theo’s 10th birthday (and 10 years of sobriety for Eddie), paternity is the hot topic. Should they tell the kids that Eddie (David Giuntoli) is Charlie’s father? Is PJ (Chandler Riggs) Jon’s son?

Rome (Romany Malco) and Regina (Christina Moses) try to figure out how to handle the fact that they’re keeping the possibility that PJ could be Jon’s son from Delilah (Stephanie Szostak). To make matters worse, PJ shows up just as Delilah’s bringing Charlie by for the couple to babysit, and to her, he’s just the guy who found Gary’s (James Roday) dog.

Though Regina thinks they should fill her in, Rome points out Delilah just told them she didn’t need something blowing up her kids’ lives at the moment, like news about a sibling. (She was talking about the identity of Charlie’s father, but news of a new brother applies, too.)

But things are complicated because Sophie (Lizzy Greene) clearly has a crush on PJ. He just sees her as someone who knew his (possible) father, but she tries to kiss him. He moves back before she can, but they don’t exactly clear up the misunderstanding due to her driving into a pole.

However, Sophie may soon learn the truth, because the DNA results come in at the end of the episode, and Jon is PJ’s father.

(ABC/Jack Rowand)

It’s doubtful that Delilah will be able to control the narrative of this paternity truth like she is with Charlie’s. Katherine (Grace Park) is set in her decision to tell the kids the truth — “Ten years ago, before Eddie got sober, there were so many lies, and lies lead to drinking, and I don’t want to go back there. I don’t want Theo growing up with that, and I don’t want Charlie to, either,” she explains to Regina — while Delilah vehemently disagrees.

And that’s mainly because of how it would affect her … and her kids. “I know what’s best for my kids, and they can’t lose me right now, so we’re sticking to the plan,” Delilah declares. She’s completely ignoring Theo, Charlie’s other sibling, in her decision. (Katherine pointedly telling party guests, “Siblings are always welcome,” in front of Delilah may be the best line of the episode, followed by her “I almost lost my husband, too, because of you.” Park’s delivery is perfect.)

To Delilah’s surprise, however, Eddie agrees with his wife. He wants to be the best version of himself and the best father he can be, and to do that, he needs to be honest. “I understand why you needed to tell Katherine, but you’re the reason she has to lie, not me,” she argues and refuses to let Katherine “hurt” her kids. Should we start counting down the days to this blowing up in Delilah’s face?

Maybe every secret can come to light in time for a drama-filled Thanksgiving dinner.

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