‘A Million Little Things’ Season 2 Details: New Theme, Another Death & More

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A Million Little Things fans should prepare themselves to say goodbye to another character in the ABC drama’s upcoming second season.

“There is a death that happens this season, and we will see how the group rallies to support each other,” creator DJ Nash told Deadline. “[It’s] someone you’ve seen.”

Fans were worried about Maggie (Allison Miller), but fortunately, Season 1 ended with her receiving the news that she is in remission. But just because she’s out of the woods with regards to her cancer doesn’t mean that life’s going to be easy for her and Gary (James Roday).

“They’ve never existed without cancer,” the showrunner pointed out. “And they will struggle to figure out what their life together is without cancer.” Maggie is going to have to figure out what’s next for her now that she’s not dying.

That will include a major complication in the form of a new person entering her life, a mysterious new character from her mother Patricia’s (Melora Hardin) past played by Jason Ritter. When the casting was first announced, it was said that his character is going to “upend everything.” Nash reiterated that. He will “shake things up in a huge way,” he teased. “It’s a little bit of mystery we are following in the first half of the season.”

Another challenge coming the friends’ way is what PJ (Chandler Riggs) and his family issues mean — and how that affects them as well. “It’s a cautionary tale because Delilah gets a front row seat, watching them struggle with their paternity issues,” Nash said. “Later in the season, PJ will realize that the man who raised him was not his father.”

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Speaking of paternity, the series will explore how PJ’s realization “informs Delilah and Eddie’s situation.” And those two aren’t the only ones involved. Delilah (Stephanie Szostak) has to take into consideration her children and how the truth about her baby’s father would affect them. Meanwhile, at the end of the season, Eddie (David Giuntoli) told Katherine (Grace Park) he wanted to come home, but he had to tell her something because he’d promised her “no more lies.”

Fans will have to wait to find out what exactly he tells her and what comes next, but they should expect some heartbreak. “We’ll leave Katherine in a really horrible situation,” Nash said. “It really is this question of, ‘Am I going to forgive him for the past, so that I can live my future?’ So we’ll see them in a really tough spot with what they’re going to do.”

And speaking of kids, Rome (Romany Malco) and Regina (Christina Moses) were left in a tough place. They’ll have to decide what comes next and whether that includes having a child. “If they don’t, Rome may resent her for what their life could have been,” the creator said. “But if they do, she might resent Rome for what their life has become.”

While Season 1’s theme was that friendship is “a million little things,” Season 2’s is “what does it mean to be family?” which doesn’t mean those to whom a person is related by blood. “It can mean they’re the person who’s there for you when you need it the most,” Nash explained.

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And while the series is moving on from the mystery of Jon’s suicide, there are going to be a couple new characters who propel that story forward. Dr. Jennifer Ashton will be playing herself. The Good Morning America consultant will be part of exploring the struggles the second year after losing a loved one. “She was talking about how the second year of losing someone is almost harder because people aren’t looking out for you as much,” the creator explained.

Richard Kind will be playing a family friend who hadn’t heard Jon passed away. The group of friends will be helping him through his grief, but it will “be somewhat comedic in that it’s fresh for him, but they are, oh, he’s gone, so there’s a chance to have a little levity as we look at it,” Nash said.

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