‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Episode 2: Everyone Still Hates Blake (RECAP)

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On Monday night’s premiere of Bachelor in Paradise, we learned that John Paul Jones is still amazing, Chris Bukowski has ended his reality TV retirement, and Blake has hooked up with nearly every single woman on that damn beach.

Read on to find out what happens in Episode 2!

Kristina goes on a date with Blake

On the date, Kristina reveals that she had anxiety coming back to Paradise after her tumultuous ending with Dean the last time she was on the show. Now, she’s making sure that she doesn’t get played again. So it doesn’t take long for her to bring up the Blake and Caelynn hookup story.

As we already know, Kristina hooked up with Blake at the Stagecoach festival earlier this year, and the very next night, he also slept with Caelynn. Kristina tells Blake that she’s hurt by his actions — but Blake doesn’t seem to understand why because he wasn’t in a committed relationship with anyone at the time.

Blake admits to sleeping with Caelynn, but says that the following morning, they both agreed it wouldn’t happen again. (Caelynn’s version is that he told her to lie about their hookup, calling it a “mistake.”)


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“You’re acting like I’m this really bad person. I didn’t do anything wrong,” Blake tells her.

Caelynn confronts Blake about his rude behavior

When Blake gets back from his date, he pulls Caelynn aside to talk. It’s time for some damage control.

Immediately, Caelynn breaks down crying and tells him that she feels like a “dirty little secret.” Blake seems genuinely confused by just about everything she’s saying… as if he had no clue that his shady actions (like referring to their hookup as a “mistake”) would be frowned upon.

“I just feel really disrespected. I feel hurt dude,” she says. “I’ve been watching you have the time of your f**king life.”


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Blake apologies for hurting Caelynn, but still appears to be totally obvious to what he did to hurt her. Genuine confusion over here. Wake up, Blake.

News spreads like wildfire that Blake is a jerk who should not be trusted by any woman. Kristina sits down with Tayshia to give her all of the details, and after learning how he’s treated the other girls, Tayshia admits she’s no longer interested.

“He just lost me,” she says, adding that she doesn’t want him to give her a rose.


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At the bar, the topic of discussion continues to center around Blake. “Who is interested in Blake?” someone asks. “No, no, who’s *not* interested in Blake?” Wells says, to which every girl at the table raises their hand.

Wills makes a move on Hannah G

Hannah G. has spent a majority of her time attached to Dylan’s hip, but Wills manages to sneak his way in there and pull her aside for a private chat. Wills admitted last episode that he was interested in Hannah, so this chat has been long overdue.

It didn’t take long for Wills and Hannah to start making out. Conveniently, Dylan walks by right as the two are relaxing on the bed and breaks up their conversation.

We quickly learn that, as much as they like each other, Dylan and Hannah may not be on the same page. Dylan tells Hannah that he’s not interested in pursuing anyone else on the beach, meanwhile Hannah still has Wills’ saliva on her face.

Unfortunately, though, the Hannah + Wills romance is very short lived. Later that evening, Hannah tells him that she doesn’t want him to waste a rose on her because her heart is with Dylan.

Clay takes Nicole on a date

When Clay gets the date card, he asks Nicole to go with him and Annaliese is not ok with it. But actually, I don’t think Annaliese would be ok with Clay going on a date with anyone. Even just being on the show pisses her off.

Long story short: Clay dated Angela (who was on last season of Paradise), and they’ve since broke up. Annaliese claims that Clay’s been leading Angela on… and CLEARLY, we don’t stand for that kind of shit on this beach. So naturally, Annaliese pulls Clay aside to talk to him.

Clay tells her she’s misinformed and only hearing one side of the story. His relationship have been done “for months” and he urges her to focus on her own relationships.

On the date, Clay opens up to Nicole about his relationship with Angela and tells her he’s totally over it and to not worry about what Annaliese says. Clay confirms that Nicole is getting his rose.

“Clay just makes me feel like the sexiest woman alive,” Nicole says.

Blake breaks down

It’s clear that Blake is slowly realizing that he’s not getting the cookie-cutter positive edit that he got on Becca Kufin’s season of The Bachelorette. He’s being painted as a bad boy, because, well… he’s been acting like one. And he breaks down in tears thinking of the consequences of his actions post-show.

“I didn’t think this was how Paradise was gonna go. This is going to be hard on everyone in my life. Because of what I did. Like, this is real life. It’s not just television, it’s my life,” he says while using his tank top to dry his tears. “Like, it’s over as I know it. My life is going to completely change. And not for the better.”

Caelynn moves on with… CAM?

What in the world is going on? In an effort to make new connections (outside of Blake, obv), Caelynn pulls aside the least expecting man on the beach… Always Be Cam.

She tells him that she’s “so surprised” by him in Paradise, adding that he’s nothing like “the guy from Hannah’s season.”

They end up hitting it off and MAKING OUT. Needless to say, Cam is now officially in love and Caelynn should tread lightly.

Blake gets another shot with… Hannah?

Seriously, what is going on?

Before the rose ceremony, Blake pulls Hannah aside to chat, because Hannah’s one of the only remaining women on that beach who doesn’t absolutely despise him.

Let’s remind ourselves that Blake had a date card literally days prior, and he could’ve taken Hannah, but he didn’t. Now he’s sitting here trying to win her back over. And Hannah is loving it.

Blake sweet talks Hannah and they start kissing. Sigh. Hannah, you’re better than this, girl.

Hannah immediately feels guilty for kissing Blake and runs to tell Dylan. This is now the second guy that she’s telling Dylan about. Poor dude can’t catch a break.

“I have connections with both Dylan and Blake and I just wish I knew the answer,” Hannah says.

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