‘Bachelor in Paradise’ 2019 Premiere: Blake Already Has a Reputation (RECAP)

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Yasss! It’s time for our Bachelor and Bachelorette favorites to hit the beach and get another shot at love.

Who will get engaged? Who will go home broken hearted? We’ll find out all of that and more during Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise.

Read on for all of the highlights from Episode 1:

Demi comes out to Hannah B.

As fans at home already know (thanks to the trailer), Demi is interested in both men and women. During Demi’s intro scene, we see her sitting down with former Bachelorette star Hannah Brown to share that she’s been dating a woman.

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“I just like who I like. It doesn’t matter who or what you are, I just like the person,” she says.

Although Demi is seemingly happy dating this other woman, they’re not exclusive. So in an effort to sort through her emotions (and let’s be honest, get some TV time while she’s at it), she’s headed to Paradise.

“Maybe Paradise is going to be what it takes for me to figure it out,” she says.

A “retired” Bachelor veteran is back

Out of all of the familiar faces back on the beach this summer, Chris Bukowski stands out the most. He reveals in his intro that he previously retired from reality TV back in 2015, but he decided to end his retirement after getting out of a serious relationship.

And when Chris hits the beach, it’s clear this isn’t his first rodeo. To make him feel older than dirt, Cam tells him, “I was a big fan of you growing up.”

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“I was a big fan of you growing up” is the ultimate insult. (Side note: Cam is three years younger than Chris.) ❤️ Team Chris forevz ❤️ • • • • • #thebachelor #thebachelorette #bachelornation #bachelorinparadise #bachelormemes #chrisbukowski #alwaysbecam

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Seriously, dude? Side note: At 32, Chris is only two years older than 30-year-old Cam.

Demi and Derek have a spark

Demi definitely turns on the charm when sitting with Derek for a flirty little convo on the beach. During their chat, they talk about how they both can quickly figure out if they’re into someone — and it’s very clear they’re into each other.

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“When it comes to Demi, it’s so natural. And it’s super comfortable talking to her. She’s super down-to-earth, she’s very beautiful. I’m really looking forward to spending more time and getting to know her,” Derek says.

Later that night, the two share a steamy make-out sesh in the hot tub and things get pretty heated.

“Derek is a good kisser and I love it,”Demi says.”I do think that Derek’s sexy. I’m having a lot of fun but I’m definitely trying to take it one day at a time.”

Blake causes drama with his first date card

I’m calling it now: Blake is the new Dean of the season. He’s here to break a few hearts and stir up some drama.

It starts off with Blake laying the moves on thick on Hannah G. At first, they seem like a pretty cute couple. Hannah is friggin’ adorable and just seem so smitten with everything Blake says.


So when Blake gets the first date card of the season, everyone assumes he’ll take Hannah, right? Wrong. That honor actually goes to Tayshia, because this is Blake we’re talking about and… all together now: BLAKE IS THE NEW DEAN.

At first, Hannah is shocked that Blake didn’t take her on the date, but — silver lining! — that leaves an open opportunity for her to spend time with Dylan.

Dylan definitely seems like he’s the kind of guy who would doodle “Mr. Hannah G” on all of his notebooks so it’s safe to say he’s happy that Blake’s taking Tayshia. Dylan and Hannah end up spending the night cuddling and making out on the beach, so… thanks Blake?

Blake and Tayshia end up hitting it off during their date as well. What could go wrong?

Blake and Caelynn have a rocky past

“Blake’s not my favorite person,” Caelynn tells Chris Harrison when she first arrives at Paradise. And it looks like the feeling is mutual, as Blake literally runs and hides when he sees Caelynn walk down the beach.

Long story short, they dated for a few months and were apparently pretty serious. They even debated skipping Paradise all together and just being a real-life couple. But Blake ended up ghosting her, which ended the relationship.

Then, they spent time at Stagecoach earlier this year and he sweet-talked her back into bed, only to find out that the night before, he also slept with Kristina. Yikes.

Blake doesn’t want people knowing about his previous relationship with Caelynn…which is a shame because she’s telling anyone on that damn beach who will listen. We later find out that Blake might’ve been in an actual relationship with Kristina when he slept with Caelynn at Stagecoach and ugh, this is getting exhausting and we’re only on the first episode.

“Everyone’s like, ‘I love Blake! I love Blake! I love Blake’ and I’m like, ‘If you only knew who this guy is. Like, I fell for his trap too. I thought he was a great guy,'” Caelynn says.


Kristina asks Blake on a date for the wrong reasons

Enter Kristina, who quickly reveals that, just like Caelynn, Blake is also not her favorite person. But despite her feelings, when she gets a date card, she asks him on a date.

But don’t expect a romance to blossom here. Turns out, Kristina may have a motive for taking Blake out on the date — and that’s to get revenge.

“I know what happened with him and Caelynn,” she says. “I honestly thought he would have a little more respect for me. So, knowing that he spent the night with her kind of hurt my feelings. That’s a slap in the face to me. And I will not let myself be f**ked over again. So today, I’m going to make Blake my bitch.”

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And we’re hit with a To Be Continued, so we’ll find out what happens with Blake, Kristina, and the rest of the Paradise cast tomorrow night.

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