‘A Million Little Things’: 5 Teases About Season 3

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If you’re hoping to find out ahead of the premiere if A Million Little Things Eddie (David Giuntoli), who was hit by a car in the last moments of the Season 2 finale, survives, you’re, unsurprisingly, out of luck.

But creator DJ Nash and stars Giuntoli, Grace Park (Katherine), Christina Moses (Regina), Romany Malco (Rome), and Allison Miller (Maggie) did share a few tidbits about Season 3 as part of a conversation for PaleyFest NY. (It will be available to the general public on Paley Channel Yahoo Entertainment Monday, October 26, at 8/7c.)

Eddie’s fate

Other than Nash repeating “Katherine and Theo’s lives will never be the same,” he did confirm Eddie is in the premiere. But we’ll have to wait and see if we see him again outside of flashbacks after the immediate aftermath of that cliffhanger.

“This is a group of friends who have been through a lot together, and the whole show’s about picking each other up, so whatever happens, people will be swarming and supporting,” Giuntoli added. And speaking of support…

Who will Katherine lean on?

Although Darcy (new series regular Floriana Lima) is now dating Gary (James Roday Rodriguez), she was Katherine’s friend first, as Nash reminded us. And Darcy was the one to see Katherine’s vulnerable side that the others didn’t.

“[Katherine’s] definitely going to lean on Darcy in a really huge way, and Darcy is going to be at that house and helping Katherine and Theo to figure out their new life,” the creator previewed for Eddie’s wife and son.

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The ways that COVID and Black Lives Matter will “hit this group of friends, it’s going to be very moving,” Nash said. “We’re going to see them challenged even more than before.”

When it came to tackling the pandemic in Season 3, it was a point of, “How does a show that is so based in authenticity not deal with what’s happening right now?” he added. The issues that have been part of the first two seasons (i.e. depression) “are all made much more difficult because of COVID.”

Black Lives Matter

While the cast and creator couldn’t share any details yet as to how Season 3 will incorporate the Black Lives Matter movement, Moses said she’s “grateful” the show is having that conversation.

“It’s bold, it’s brave,” she continued, noting that she and Malco have both had conversations about their personal lives and the state of the world with Nash. “What I do know and what I really appreciate is DJ’s willingness to really go in with me and have honest conversations and ask hard questions and to be willing to be told like it is, too, my point of view and my experience.

“I trust that we’ll continue to have ongoing conversations about the storyline as it unfolds, and I trust our writers will be true to our stories and to the story Rome and Regina need to go through and the stories that need to be told.”

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Maggie and Oxford

Maggie does go to Oxford (after ex-boyfriend Gary chose Darcy), and she “is experiencing a whole new part of life and opening a new chapter,” Miller said. “She’s really excited and moving on and then of course because it’s our show, I have a feeling something crazy’s going to happen. She’ll cross that bridge when she gets there.”

But she’ll still be in contact with the friends group (who have used her as their therapist), with most of the calls in the first few episodes coming from Regina (who’s dealing with losing a baby after an adoption fell through). Still, being away will allow Maggie to get “introspective.”

As for her future with her ex-boyfriend, “she really wants [Gary] in her life, but I think she needs to move on right now,” Miller added. “There may be a romantic in her that thinks ‘someday we’ll end up together,’ but I think for the time being, a relationship with Gary’s not in the cards.”

A Million Little Things, Season 3 Premiere, Thursday, November 19, 10/9c, ABC