Gifts For Classic TV Fans You Can Buy Now

This holiday gift guide is for folks who love classic TV.

If you know someone who celebrates the oldies but goodies by watching TV the “old fashioned” way (aka they appreciate a good DVD box set), there are some great shows below that aren’t available on mainstream streaming platforms. Or maybe you have a pal who loves decorating their home with unique TV memorabilia — we’ve got that covered, too.

Below are a collection of standout gift ideas for shows that premiered about 15 years ago or more, from Mork & Mindy to Parks and Recreation (yes, it has been that long since we met Leslie Knope and the Pawnee gang). Also find collectible items from The Muppet Show and Seinfeld for the comedy fanatics, and for the spooky viewers a truly to die for Dark Shadows box set. Drama lovers, scroll through to find memorabilia from The SopranosThe Wire, and more.

The Rankin/Bass and Peanuts holiday specials will be broadcasting all holiday season long. But if you want the classics nestled under your tree, look no further! Scroll through our Throwback Gift Guide options to get a jumpstart on your holiday preparations.

The Central Perk Coffee Company ‘The One With All Three Roasts’ Variety Pack

If no one told you life was gonna be this way, you’re gonna need some coffee to get through it.

$50.97 $40.78 - The Central Perk Coffee Company

LEGO ‘Friends’ Central Perk Building Kit

Sip on your Friends Central Perk coffee while building your own miniature Central Perk!

$99.48 - Amazon

Omar Comin’ ‘The Wire’ PopSocket

Let everyone know Omar comin’ without saying a word.

$14.99 - Amazon

‘The Golden Girls’ Shady Pines Retirement Home Mug

Sophia’s least favorite place can now be your most favorite mug.

$18.95 $15.95 - Amazon

Monopoly: ‘The Golden Girls’ Board Game

Thank you for being a friend. I hope we can stay that way after a tense round of Monopoly.

$40.49 - Amazon

‘The Sopranos’ – Tony Soprano in Robe with Duck Funko Pop

This duck will never leave Tony Soprano’s side.

$12.99 - Amazon

Flight of the Conchords Live in London Vinyl

It’s business time. It’s when everything is just right, there’s nothing good on TV, you haven’t had your after-work social sports team practice, so you’re not too tired… so you put on the Flight of the Conchords Live in London vinyl.

$34.98 $28.98 - Amazon

Playmobil ‘Knight Rider’ K.I.T.T.

Right away, Michael. Rev up the Knight Rider nostalgia with this 52-piece set building the iconic vehicle from the classic ’80s series.

$89.99 - Playmobil

‘The Young and the Restless’ Crimson Lights Mug

Straight from the most popular coffee shop in Genoa City.

$19.95 - Amazon

‘Murder, She Wrote’ Jessica Fletcher Makeup Zipper Pouch Bag

She killed them. She killed them all! Remember the late, great Angela Lansbury with some Murder, She Wrote memorabilia.

$14.89 - Amazon

‘Avatar’ Gallery: Aang SDCC 2022 Exclusive PVC Statue

An Avatar: The Last Airbender collectible that’ll be a standout wherever it’s placed. Flinging cabbages not included.

$49.60 - Amazon

‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ Appa Pillow Pet

Snuggle up with Appa just like Aang.

$31.99 $27.99 - Amazon

‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ Complete Series 1-7 – 20th Anniversary Edition

Our best show of the 1990s deserves a special place on your entertainment shelf.

$81.99 - Amazon

‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ Gallery: Buffy PVC Figure, 9 inches

Buffy is literally slaying in this collectible action-packed figurine.

$40.63 - Amazon

‘Seinfeld’ Apartment Shadowbox Diorama

The Seinfeld apartment will be instantly recognizable on your wall.

$139.99 - Amazon

‘The Jeffersons’: The Complete Series – Deluxe Edition DVD

The Jeffersons is only streaming on Prime Video. For those who won’t be movin’ on up to that subscription, this deluxe edition DVD box set is the perfect find.

$139.96 $99.96 - Amazon

‘Cheers’ 16oz Beer Steins

Cheers to Cheers with this pair of beer steins.

$19.95 - Amazon

‘ER’ – The Complete Series: Season 1-15

Reconnect with your favorite TV hospital staff whenever you please with the full ER series set.

$154.19 - Amazon

‘Frasier’ Etched Rocks Glass Set of 2

These Frasier-themed cocktail glasses are ideal for happy hour.

$35.99 - Amazon

Wood ‘Frasier’ Coasters: Set of 4

Set those glasses on this collection of Frasier coasters.

$26.99 - Amazon

LEGO ‘The Flintstones’ Building Kit

The modern Stone Age family home can sit pretty in your own living room. Just try not to yell “Wilmaaaaaa!” if you step on a LEGO.

$114.99 $104.99 - Amazon

‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’: The Complete Series

Learn how the Fresh Prince became the prince of a town called Bel-Air with the full series set.

$94.99 $54.88 - Amazon

‘The Simpsons’ Homer in Hedges Pop!

It’s a Simpsons reference, it’s a meme, and now it’s a Funko Pop.

$16.99 - Amazon

‘Martin’ Pop Art Print 11.7×16.5 Inches

Damn, Gina! Martin is already 30 years old! This small business-made Martin pop art print is customizable in size.

$30.99 - Amazon

‘Sex and the City’: The Complete Series + Films Blu-ray

And just like that, every single Sex and the City story is within reach. We couldn’t help but wonder, will And Just Like That... ever be bundled into a set like this?

$139.99 $99.99 - Amazon

To Serve Man: ‘The Twilight Zone’ Cookbook Recipe Journal Hardcover

Let your love of The Twilight Zone and your love of cooking combine in this blank recipe notebook.

$16.98 - Amazon

‘Mork & Mindy’: The Complete Series DVD

While you’re thinking of something out of this world, snag a Mork & Mindy complete series DVD set. It’s only streaming on Pluto TV!

$36.99 $29.85 - Amazon

‘I Love Lucy’ Logo Throw Blanket 50″x60″

Lucy, I’m homeee — and I’m ready to snuggle under this I Love Lucy plush throw blanket.

$44.99 - Amazon

Peanuts Holiday Collection (4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray)

Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown! Watch the Peanuts classics in 4K Ultra HD with this trio set of It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, and A Charlie Brown Christmas (our No. 1 holiday special of all time).

$28.99 - Amazon

The Complete Rankin/Bass Christmas Collection

Most of the Rankin/Bass holiday classics made our list of the 50 Best Holiday Movies & Specials. Have them all in one place with this special DVD set.

$69.99 $48.29 - Amazon

‘Parks and Recreation’ Snake Juice White Mug

We have but one word to describe this Parks and Recreation coffee mug: Bababooey.

$16.95 - NBC Store

Vintage Kermit the Frog Patent Art Poster

Kermit the Frog here had a much different look when Jim Henson first designed him. This special patent print of the puppet that started it all is bound to be a crowd pleaser.

$12.99 - Amazon

The Muppets: Statler & Waldorf Select Action Figure

The Muppets’ cantankerous hecklers can sit pretty in your living room with this collectible Statler and Waldorf action figure.

$97.98 - Amazon

‘Dark Shadows’: The Complete Original Series DVD (Deluxe Edition)

All 1,225 episodes of Dark Shadows in one place.

$599.99 $374.99 - Amazon

‘The Addams Family’ – The Complete Series DVD

Wednesday premieres soon, but the O.G. Addams Family will always be a classic. The all-together ooky series is free with ads on Prime Video — this Addams Family series DVD set will let you watch sans interruption.

$69.98 $20.28 - Amazon

‘The Office’ Schrute Farms Bed & Breakfast Poster Print

Agrotourism is a lot more than a bed and breakfast. Commemorate your love of Dwight Schrute’s side hustle with this rustic Schrute Farms poster.

$12.95 - Amazon

‘Married … With Children’ Al Bundy #33 Football Jersey

Love and marriage go perfectly with an Al Bundy jersey.

$28.99 - Amazon

‘Xena: Warrior Princess’ Metal Chakram Earrings

Channel your inner Xena with these sleek brass chakram earrings.

$16.91 - Amazon

‘All That’ T-Shirt

This shirt is just All That and a bag of chips. Snag one for your favorite ’90s Nick kid.

$22.99 - Amazon

Handmade Lynda Carter Wonder Woman Vinyl Wall Сlock

Wonder Woman statement piece that would impress Lynda Carter and Gal Gadot alike.

$38.99 - Amazon

‘Gilmore Girls’ Luke’s Diner Ceramic Mug

Where you lead, I will follow. And where you’re leading me to is Luke’s diner in Stars Hollow, Connecticut.

$14.99 $12.99 - Amazon

Throwback Alex Trebek ‘Jeopardy!’ Funko Pop

One of the best mustaches on TV is commemorated in this throwback Alex Trebek Jeopardy! Funko Pop.

$12.58 - Amazon

‘Will & Grace’ I Loves Me Kitty Knit Socks

This is what happens when you’re gung-ho about getting Karen Walker back with her mom.

$19.95 $10.96 - NBC Store

‘Will & Grace’ Not My Problem White Mug

Another Will & Grace Karen Walker classic.

$14.95 - NBC Store

‘Saturday Night Live’ Spartan Cheerleaders 2-Pack Collectible Figure, Multicolor

WHAT WE NEED…IS A GOOD CHEER! Allow Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon‘s classic SNL cheerleader Funko Pops to provide.

$20.99 - Amazon