Who’s Left on ‘The Bachelor’? A Breakdown of Peter Weber’s Final Women

Who Is Left on The Bachelor?

Season 24 of The Bachelor kicked off with 30 women vying for Peter Weber‘s heart and believe it or not, there are only six left.

Now, with Hometown Dates right around the corner, the pilot must figure out which of the final six relationships are strong enough to take to the next level and introduce families.

So, who’s left on The Bachelor? And who will get a hometown date? Let’s dig into the details…

Natasha Parker


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So far this season, Natasha has stayed out of the drama — but has provided some quality commentary and quite a few hilarious facial expressions in recent weeks. As for her relationship with Peter? We haven’t seen much, but according to the promo for tonight’s episode, the 31-year-old event planner finally gets her first one-on-one date with the pilot when the crew heads to Peru.

Though there’s always a shot that Peter and Natasha’s relationship can take off during their first one-on-one date, the New York native definitely appears to be behind compared to the relationships he has with the other women.

Kelley Flanagan


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Peter seemed smitten from the moment he saw Kelley walk out of the limo on night one. The two met prior to the start of the season, which gave the attorney a bit of a leg-up throughout the competition. But in Episode 5, the couple hit a bit of a roadblock when Peter expressed his concerns over Kelley’s inability to open up. “I just want someone who wants me as bad as I want them,” he told her. “It’s weird that I still feel so strongly with all of these doubts. I think that’s what I’m still trying to wrap my head around.”

Kelley assured the pilot that she has strong feelings for him and wants to continue developing their relationship, but at this point, it’s unclear if he’ll be willing to meet her family with these concerns.

Kelsey Weier


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The 28-year-old professional clothier has been involved in her fair share of drama this season, but surprisingly it hasn’t affected her relationship with Peter one bit. Just a couple of weeks ago, she confessed to the pilot that she’s falling in love with him. “I didn’t expect to have the feelings I have and it terrifies me,” she admitted.

“I’ve thought about you so much. If only you knew,” he told her, hinting that she may be a bigger frontrunner than she (or fans watching at home) realized.

Victoria Fuller


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This season has been a rough ride for Victoria F., who has stormed off crying seemingly more than any other contestant in Bachelor history. So far, she’s the only girl who has gotten two one-on-one dates, proving that Peter definitely sees something in her. However, she’s struggled to open up about her feelings — and the pilot addressed those concerns during last week’s episode, telling her that her insecurities have “hurt his confidence” in their relationship.

“Why can’t you just let this be and not sabotage it?” he asked her.

Hannah Ann Sluss


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The model has been a frontrunner since the very beginning, earning the first impression rose on night one. Since then, it’s been a steady ride for the couple, who had their first one-on-one date during last week’s episode. Peter recently addressed concerns with Hannah Ann after she admitted she’s never been in love before, despite being in a longterm relationship for several years. “Do you 100 percent feel like this is what you want? You are 100 percent ready? How are you so confident?” he questioned her.

“I haven’t found that true love in the past. I feel like the qualities and what you possess is what I have been raised to have wanted,” she told him.

Madison Prewett


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The 23-year-old was given the first one-on-one date of the season, and since then, has solidified herself as a frontrunner for Peter’s heart. Though we haven’t seen much of Madi in recent weeks, thanks to the drama among the other women in the house, fans were reminded just how strong her connection is with Peter during the group date last week when he offered her the rose.

We’ll have to wait until tonight to find out which of the final six women get a hometown date but one thing’s for sure — Peter has a tough decision ahead!

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