‘The Bachelor’ Episode 6: Tammy & Mykenna’s Feud Comes With Consequences (RECAP)

What happened on The Bachelor tonight
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Tonight on The Bachelor, the drama continues with the final 10 women traveling to Santiago, Chile to deepen their relationship with Peter Weber. Read on for everything that went down in Episode 6!

Hannah Ann’s one-on-one date

Hannah Ann gets the first one-on-one date and the pair explore Chile together. The 23-year-old opens up about her dating history and tells Peter that she’s never been in love before. While this seems to be a red flag for Peter, he still remains hopeful that he could be her first love. “The passion is there. I was really feeling it with her today,” he says.

Later that evening, Peter seems to be hung up on the fact that she’s too young to get engaged. He questions how she’s even ready to take that next step if she’s never been in love before and asks her what her goals are. “Do you 100% feel like this is what you want? You are 100% ready? How are you so confident?” he asks her.


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“I haven’t found that true love in the past. I feel like the qualities and what you possess is what I have been raised to have wanted,” she tells him.

In the middle of the date, Hannah breaks down in tears and tells him that she’s been struggling with this process. Peter reminds her that he doesn’t always want a perfect answer and a smile from her, he wants to see who she genuinely is. Finally, Hannah opens up and confesses that she’s falling in love with him.

Aaaand breakthrough. Naturally, her openness and vulnerability warrants her a rose.

The group date

Madison, Sydney, Kelley, Natasha, Kelsey, Mykenna, Tammy, and Victoria P. are invited on the group date and the girls learn that they will be acting in a Spanish soap opera alongside Peter. In the soap opera, Kelley plays Peter’s grandmother — but yet she’s flirting with him and hitting on him. Who wrote this script? This is weird and I’m uncomfortable.

The Bachelor group date

The group date. ABC/Francisco Roman

Later that evening, Victoria P. gets alone time with Peter and the two discuss the status of their relationship. He admits that the drama they’ve gone through together in the past few weeks have put a damper on their relationship. “The only thing we can do is look forward,” she tells him. “I just want to feel really good about us.”

But as Victoria rambles on about her feelings for Peter, he admits that he’s not exactly on the same page. “I don’t know if I see you as my wife. I’m so sorry,” he tells her.

Victoria immediately gets defensive and tells him that he’s making a mistake. “This is the last conversation that we’re going to have. This is not love. And that really sucks,” she says before Peter walks her out.

Back in the group, Tammy starts randomly picking apart Mykenna for no reason at all. She questions her for saying that today was the best day ever, and since Tammy doesn’t agree with her, then clearly Mykenna is wrong. Logic. Tammy tells her that she’s not concerned with pursuing a relationship with Peter and questions if she’s here for the right reasons.

“She gets so much joy for bringing people down,” Mykenna says of Tammy. “I have no space in my heart for people like that.”

Mykenna takes it upon herself to tell Peter that she was attacked by Tammy. “Tammy came at me and said she felt like I am not ready for this. I think she just thinks I’m not here for the right reasons and I don’t want you to have any fears about me,” she says.

Peter doesn’t seem fazed by Tammy’s claims and Mykenna finally dries her tears. But Peter’s focus isn’t on Mykenna or Tammy — it’s on Madison, who gets the group date rose.

Victoria F.’s one-on-one date

The group is surprised when Victoria F. gets another one-on-one date. The card reads, “Victoria F., I feel like we didn’t get a fair shot,” alluding to her disastrous date that involved her ex-boyfriend Chase Rice. On the date, the two go horseback riding and work on deepening their connection.

But the day quickly goes from romantic to serious when Victoria opens up about how much she’s been struggling in the house.She admits she’s been in her head a lot and has questioned if she wants to leave. “It’s so hard when it’s in your face all the time,” she says. He reminds her that he’s feeling very strongly for her and doesn’t want her to go.

“I need you to be honest with yourself and honest with me,” he tells her, clearly worried that she won’t stick around.

Later that evening, they continue their conversation from earlier. He tells her that he was caught off guard by her admitting that she’s unsure about the process. “It hurt my confidence and honestly made me sad,” he says. “Why can’t you just let this be and not sabotage it?”

“Maybe I’m just not cut out for this,” she says, before he reminds her that he’s crazy about her. Victoria gets up from the table and storms off crying, saying she’s going to throw up.

When she returns, she tells Peter that she does like him and is unsure of why she’s acting the way she is. He reminds her that he cares about her and he’s never going to stop telling her that before he offers her a rose.

The two-on-one date

Surprise, surprise… Mykenna and Tammy get a date card that reads, “Meet me at the cocktail party before everyone else arrives. Enough is enough.” It’s clear he’s ready to say goodbye to one of them — but which one?

“I’m sick of the Mykenna show consuming my time with Peter,” Tammy says as she gets ready for the inevitable.

The girls meet up with Peter and he admits he can’t handle the constant arguing in the house. He pulls Tammy aside first and questions her about what’s been going on. She tells him that Mykenna isn’t here for the right reasons and she wanted to share that information with Peter. “She packed her bags before the group date. She wanted to leave,” she tells him. “I know it’s hard to hear, Peter, but this is why it irritates me. She takes it very lightly.”

But when Mykenna gets alone time with Peter, she does her best to set the record straight. Ultimately, Peter trusts Mykenna more so he ends up sending Tammy home.

“I really hope you’re making the right choice,” Tammy tells him. “I would hate for this experience to be robbed from you.”

The rose ceremony — who goes home tonight?

She may have made it through the two-on-one date, but Mykenna didn’t make it through the rose ceremony. Peter opted to send her home along with Sydney.

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