‘The Bachelor’ Sneak Peek: Can Natasha Become Peter’s ‘Only Person’? (VIDEO)

Can you believe we’re already down to only six women on this season of The Bachelor? Peter Weber is getting closer to finding his future wife, but could that woman be Natasha?

That’s what he aims to find out in the February 10 episode, when he takes the 31-year-old event planner on their first one-on-one date in Lima, Peru. And quickly, things turn very sweet — quite literally!

While exploring the local culture, the two come upon a cart selling arroz con leche (rice pudding), Peter’s “absolute favorite dessert,” which his grandmother used to make for him. And it’s a hit with Natasha, too — as is Peter. “I’m just really excited to get him all to myself,” she admits. “Quality time is what I’ve been waiting for.”

And quality time they get. “I just think it’s something that we both needed. It’s something we both wanted before going to Hometowns,” she continues over footage of the two going full Lady and the Tramp on some fried food. “Today will definitely deepen our connection,” she adds. Seems like it!

We then see the two poking fun at one another and joking around in a souvenir shop, and while all seems to be going smoothly, it’s clear Natasha is feeling the pressure with five other women still remaining. She reasons, “Being with Peter feels really, really great. But at the same time, it’s scary because he’s my only person but I’m not his only person.”

Watch the exclusive sneak peek above and tune in Monday to find out what happens!

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