‘The Bachelor’ Peter Weber Pays Homage to ‘Ghost’ in Oscars Promo (VIDEO)

Bachelor Ghost Promo Peter Weber Whoopi Goldberg

What better way to celebrate the Academy Awards on ABC than with a new Bachelor promo inspired by a film that won two Oscars?

The series released a new promo for its current 24th season starring Peter Weber paying homage to Ghost — and featuring a special appearance by the star who won Best Actress in a Supporting Role for the 1991 movie.

The airline pilot takes on the central role in the iconic pottery wheel scene, with more than one pair of hands reaching around from behind him. In fact, as is appropriate for The Bachelor, those hands are fighting for him.

“Peter, you in danger, boy,” Whoopi Goldberg warns him before the hands pull him back. Love is messy indeed.

Peter Weber is getting closer and closer to hopefully finding love, with only six women left this season: Hannah Ann, Kelley, Kelsey, Madison, Natasha, and Victoria F. And he’ll be taking Natasha on their first one-on-one date in Lima, Peru in Monday’s episode. Hannah Ann and Victoria F. got one-on-one dates in the February 5 episode.

Maybe Peter should keep Goldberg’s words in mind as the season continues.

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