Stephen Colbert Talks With Hillary Clinton Over Cheesecake and Pastrami (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert and Hillary Clinton

With both political parties having their New York presidential primaries today, candidates from both sides have been making the late-night talk show rounds. Stephen Colbert, of course, is no stranger to grilling politicos on The Late Show, so he and his writers decided to change things up and interview Hillary Clinton over some massive sandwiches at the newly-reopened Carnegie Deli.

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Colbert went for the funny, as the toughest question he asked Clinton was about what she has in common with Republican frontrunner Donald Trump besides the fact that “both of you were at his wedding.” The former First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State cited how she actually gets things done with lawmakers on the other side of the aisle, which elicited cheers from people in the audience who are obviously not voting for Bernie Sanders today.

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Then Colbert showed Clinton how to properly eat a cheesecake, in the most Colbertian way possible. Maybe Hillary will follow his lead after primary season is over. Watch the clip below:

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