‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Trailer Breakdown: Demi’s Girlfriend, Dean’s Mustache & More (PHOTOS)

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Image via ABC

John Paul Jones hooks up with one of the twins (Haley?)

“I can say with confidence that I’ve never met somebody like John Paul Jones,” Haley says while JPJ is seen rubbing lotion all over her body.

“Sorry Mom! I’m with a really beautiful woman right now” John Paul Jones replies.

Image via ABC

Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes get together

“Dean’s mustache absolutely swept Caelynn off her feet,” Jordan Kimball says in the trailer.

Image via ABC

Demi Burnett struggles to keep up with Blake Horstmann’s sexual conquests.

Demi is seen trying to keep track of all of the women Blake has hooked up with. “So, Blake’s hooked up with Kristina [Schulman], Blake’s hooked up with Caelynn. Is he sleeping with Tayshia [Adams]? Is he sleeping with Hannah [Godwin]? Is he banging Chris Harrison?”

Image via ABC.

Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson get married.

“Oh my God, you’re my husband,” Krystal says in the trailer while dressed in her wedding gown.

Image via ABC.

Mike surprisingly makes an appearance in Paradise.

Wait a second, what’s he doing there? And why is he holding Caelynn’s hand?


Demi is in love with another woman.

“I don’t care who sees this,” she says, while in a bedroom with an unidentified woman. “I know that I love this girl, I’m just so happy that I found her.”

Image via ABC.

Blake and Hannah get together.

As we already knew from the previous trailer, Hannah and Blake hook up — but they both hook up with other contestants on the beach as well, so things get complicated fairly quickly.

Image via ABC.

Hannah and Dylan Barbour hook up.

Blake’s not the only man in Hannah’s life. The gorgeous blonde is also seen making out with Dylan in promo as well.

Image via ABC.

Derek Peth hooks up with Demi.

“Last night, Demi and I had a fun night in the hot tub,” Derek says in the trailer. “That’s not something I should have to hide.”

Image via ABC.

Katie and Demi have an emotional heart-to-heart.

“You can’t help who you love and it hurts me to see you struggling,” Katie tearfully says to Demi in the trailer.

Image via ABC

Hannah makes it to fantasy suite dates.

“We’ve progressed so much and I would love to spend this time with you in the fantasy suite,” Hannah says in the trailer. But it’s unclear who she’s going into the fantasy suite with — Blake or Dylan?

Image via ABC.

Katie Morton makes it to fantasy suite dates.

The beautiful brunette is seen reading a card that says, “The fantasy suite awaits.”

Image via ABC.

John Paul Jones tells off Derek.

“Don’t insult my intelligence, Derek,” he says in the trailer. “You’re full of sh*t, you take advantage of women, get out of my sight.”

Image via ABC.

There’s a major fight on the beach.

Though it’s not clear who the fight is between, we see this amazing shot of Cam wearing a leopard button-up shirt, and his reaction is simply priceless.

Image via ABC.

John Paul Jones has an emotional breakdown.

In the promo, JPJ is seen sobbing on the beach as Blake consoles him. “I f**king can’t do this man,” he says.


There will be multiple engagements.

From the looks of it, at least two, maybe three couples will be getting engaged on the beach this summer.

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ABC certainly dropped a bombshell on Bachelor Nation when they revealed the new Bachelor In Paradise 2019 preview. Sure, we knew the upcoming season was going to be dramatic (hello, Blake drama!), but we didn’t know it was going to be this juicy.

Between Demi Burnett seen kissing another girl (who is the mystery girlfriend?) and Dean Unglert winning over Caelynn Miller-Keyes with his egregious facial hair, we need to dissect everything we’ve learned from this new trailer.

Click through the gallery for what we know so far about Bachelor in Paradise Season 6.

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