‘Lucifer’ Season 4 Finale: Hell Needs a King (RECAP)

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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the Season 4 finale of Lucifer, “Who’s da New King of Hell?”]

Love, heartbreak and sacrifice fill the final moments of Lucifer Season 4.

But before we can get to that, the finale resolves the major issue between Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Chloe (Lauren German) since she learned the truth, sees Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) take some time to consider what’s best for his son and has Eve (Inbar Lavi) come to a realization about the way she’s been acting.

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Production has wrapped and new episodes should be dropping soon!

All in all, the episode leaves fans hoping that there will be a fifth season on Netflix.

Everything’s (Not) Okay

Just like with the premiere, nothing’s okay for very long.

Lucifer’s celebrating that he’s no longer devil-ing out all across Los Angeles, but Chloe thinks he should rest instead of jumping back into the daily grind of their cases. Linda (Rachael Harris) points out that forgiving himself isn’t as easy as he thinks, so his declaration that he’s “cured” may be premature.

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Eve’s cleaning up after Kinley’s murder, but Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) returns to bring him back to prison, leaving the “original sinner” a bit flustered as she tries to explain his absence.

Linda’s given birth to Charlie — and Uncle Luci even holds him very briefly — but Amenadiel is already planning to bring him to heaven.

And there’s much more to the murder case than initially meets the eye.

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Devil is as Devil Does (No More)

A rapper, Holla, is stabbed while he’s live on social media, announcing an upcoming tour with a rival. Though his body is MIA, there’s enough blood at the scene that he couldn’t have survived. He didn’t, but his body’s still walking and talking with a demon in it, just like Kinley’s.

Holla’s rival, Monopolize, tells Chloe and Lucifer he saw the rapper with a guy in leather and bloody hands get in a pizza delivery car. A photo on social media confirms his story, and Chloe takes advantage of this to claim the case is closed and send Lucifer home. “I suppose there’ll be another murder tomorrow, fingers crossed,” he agrees.

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But once he’s gone, Chloe continues investigating because Kinley was in the photo. She crosses paths with Maze, who tells her about demons jumping dead bodies. But whoever this is should be worried because Lucifer banned possession years ago.

Lucifer is mad when Dromos, in Kinley’s body, runs up to him at Lux, hugs him, and kneels. He’s there to help after Kinley showed up on his docket, ranting about the prophecy and getting Lucifer back to hell. The devil thinks it was Kinley’s Hail Mary to subvert the prophecy by tricking him into returning to hell. But he’s never going back.

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Hell has been bad since he left, Dromos protests. “That’s a shame because it was a real vacation destination before,” Lucifer quips. But he likes Earth and he just became an uncle, so he orders Dromos to go back where he belongs — without torturing any humans.

Meanwhile, Amenadiel convinces Linda to get some rest and leave Charlie with him. Before she does, she tells him he was right, that they can give their son a beautiful life. She even hired a night nurse so both new parents can rest.

But then Charlie goes missing.

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Save Charlie

Someone canceled the night nurse Linda hired, and Amenadiel is nowhere to be found. Linda tries to rationalize this, suggesting he just wanted to spend time with the baby. Lucifer puts the pieces together after an earlier conversation with his brother and surmises Amenadiel took Charlie to heaven.

But when the angel walks in, he doesn’t have Charlie. He couldn’t take him and went to clear his head. He handed the baby off to the night nurse, not realizing she was an imposter.

They track down the person who canceled the nurse and find a large blood pool in her apartment, meaning she, too, was killed and possessed. Dromos has Charlie and is planning to make him the new King of Hell.

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Because they can’t talk freely about “three demons and a baby” at the precinct — it would take Dan (Kevin Alejandro) and Ella (Aimee Garcia) too long to recover from seeing his devil face if they tell them the truth — Lucifer and Chloe head to his penthouse.

There, he discovers that demons have stolen the vial Kinley had given Chloe to use on Lucifer; he’d been keeping it in his safe since he wasn’t sure how to dispose of it. They want to replace Lucifer as King of Hell with baby Charlie, since only a celestial can take control of the throne.

After Eve uses the Find My Phone app to locate Dromos, she sees he has a baby, which she didn’t sign up for. But he refuses to take orders from her and leaves her in the church unconscious. Upon coming to, she goes to Lucifer and Chloe and admits what she’s done. Between her time with the demons and Chloe’s initial planning with Kinley, they’re able to figure out where Dromos plans to do the ritual: a house of worship and den of sin, the venue of Holla’s now-canceled performance.

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Though they try to leave Eve behind, she insists on helping. She’s realized Lucifer’s not the perfect guy she’s made him out to be, and she was just missing the person she was when she was with him. Maze and Amenadiel join them in going inside, while Chloe waits outside since she makes Lucifer vulnerable.

Once inside, Team Lucifer stops the demons just before they can give Charlie the dosed bottle, and a fight breaks out. While Maze and Amenadiel focus on the rest of the demons, Lucifer goes after Dromos and those at his side. Eve aids by covering Dromos’ head from behind, and once Lucifer has Charlie, he gives the baby to Eve for her to get him to safety.

Maze kills a demon in her path, but once out of the room, Eve runs into another. Chloe shoots this one and knocks her down, and Eve finishes the job by stepping in her eye socket.

Just as Lucifer is ready to finish off Dromos, Chloe runs in to check on him. She’s not afraid of him anymore, she tells him, but she’s afraid of losing him, that’ll he forget her. Demons swarm the room and her, but Lucifer devils out to order them all to bow to their king and return to hell. And Chloe smiles.

Who’s da New King of Hell?

Eve tells Maze there is a connection between them, but she has to figure out who she is on her own. She was acting with Lucifer like she had with Adam and keeps trying to change herself to be the person they want her to be. But there’s hope for Eve and Maze!

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Ella finds her way back to religion after being so mad about Charlotte’s death she took her cross off. But she puts the necklace back on near the end of the finale because she’s realized it’s not God’s job to stop the bad, just to give them strength to get through it.

Amenadiel brings Charlie home to Linda, and while she no longer thinks it’s safe for him to be on Earth, the angel has changed his mind. No one will sacrifice for or protect the baby like they will.

But it’s not all a happy ending. Though Chloe hopes it’s all over, Lucifer knows it’s not. There’s too much of a risk of demons returning to Earth and going after Charlie or Chloe. There must be a King of Hell, and it has to be him.

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“This is what I meant, Lucifer. You can’t leave me,” Chloe tells him. “I’m so sorry how I acted when I first saw your face. It was stupid, and please don’t go, I love you.” He returns her declaration, telling her, “My first love was never Eve. It was you, Chloe. It always has been.”

And with a kiss goodbye, Lucifer returns to hell to rule as its king.

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