‘Lucifer’ Season 4 Premiere: How Did Chloe React to Lucifer’s Devil Face? (RECAP)


[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the Season 4 premiere of Lucifer, “Everything’s Okay.”]

Everything’s really not okay, for either Lucifer (Tom Ellis) or Chloe (Lauren German).

The Lucifer Season 4 premiere picks up a month after that game-changing moment in which the detective saw proof that her partner has been telling her the truth this entire time and he is the devil — and it’s possible she’s dealing with that revelation better than he is.

After all, she’s not subjecting customers at Lux with endless renditions of Radiohead’s “Creep.” On the other hand, she’s not being truthful with her partner. But can they at least solve the murder of a beekeeper?

And will believing Charlotte’s in heaven help Dan (Kevin Alejandro) move on after her death?

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Everything’s Back to Normal …

Lucifer’s looking mighty disheveled during one of his turns at the piano when someone puts a gun to his head. “There are far less drastic ways to put in a song request,” he quips.

It’s Lee, who comes to realize he didn’t hallucinate Lucifer’s wings in the desert after the devil, eyes blazing red, attacks him and his men. But when Lucifer realizes he’s terrified, he wonders if that’s how “she” felt discovering his true nature. The police burst in before she could react, then she went on vacation, and now he worries she sees him as evil incarnate.

Maybe he can change that, starting by giving Lee the opportunity to show he’s more than a thief, with money, gold, a crown, and even his pants. Cue nudity, because this is Netflix now.

It’s at the latest crime scene that Chloe shows up, and though she wants to work, Lucifer spends her interview with the victim’s wife, Lenore, staring at her until she pulls him aside.

She’s fine, she says. She and Trixie went to Europe, and she processed what she saw. Is she okay with it, with him? He’s always told her the truth, so deep down, she thinks she knew. And how does she feel? She wants to get back to work.

Linda (Rachael Harris) suggests he expected and even wanted Chloe to reject him. He killed a human for the first time, and his devil face returned. He’s punishing himself for enjoying it and sees himself as evil again. What if Chloe really is fine?

Chloe may know, but Ella’s (Aimee Garcia) going to stay firmly in the dark because she laughs off Lucifer’s attempt to tell her the truth. “We’ve all got our quirks,” she says.

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The beekeeper, Bob, was killed with a honey-scraper that wasn’t his, leading Chloe and Lucifer to the farmers’ market and his competition, Glen. Lucifer has to do his “what is it you desire?” shtick twice for it to work, but they find out Glen wanted Bob to die because he was scared of him. Glen destroyed his beehive, and Bob retaliated by going to his house and hitting him with a bag of doorknobs. Glen was at the hospital when Bob was killed.

That doesn’t sound like the nice Bob they’ve been hearing about, and they find out why, from a man following them at the market. After Chloe agrees to let Lucifer show off his devilish strength, she notices his badge once he’s pinned to the wall. U.S. Marshal Luke Reynolds was Bob’s handler. Bob was in witness protection — and a crime syndicate enforcer who beat people half to death with doorknobs.

… Or Maybe Not?

One of the members of the crime syndicate, Frank the Pool Boy, insists he and Bob learned to respect each other. He even says Bob did everyone a favor by putting Frank’s uncle in prison. He has a jar of Bob’s avocado honey he picked up when he warned him of an anonymous note he received with his location.

While walking away, Chloe flinches when Lucifer touches her shoulder. She insists nothing’s wrong, but when Lucifer turns to Dan for his “expertise” in similar situations, the detective tells him, “it means that they hate you, that they want you as far away from them as possible, because your very touch makes them recoil in disgust.”

Linda’s a little more helpful, and the devil leaves their conversation believing that Chloe is projecting her issues onto their investigation. He can use the case to help her understand her feelings.

Luke doesn’t buy Frank’s alibi for Bob’s murder and doesn’t seem to believe criminals can change. “We do our best in witsec, but these guys, they can’t help themselves,” he tells Chloe.

Then Lenore runs off, and Lucifer suggests the truth about the man she loved drove her away. He tries to gauge Chloe’s feelings regarding what she may have felt. Chloe suggests she was confused, betrayed, and even scared.

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It’s the security camera footage from the market that leads them to their killer: Luke. He spoke with Lenore, though he claimed they had never met.

Furthermore, two ex-cons in his protection died recently because he weaponized their secrets. He was the one to send the anonymous note, and when no one took the bait, he had to take care of Bob himself. Lenore must have left because he told her she was in danger.

When Chloe and Lucifer track him down, Luke has Lenore at the edge of a pool, planning to frame Frank for her death by using his M.O. Luke is upset that he has to watch criminals living happy lives and Lenore forgave Bob even though he was a monster.

“It’s not your job to punish, Marshal Reynolds,” Lucifer informs him. “It’s mine.”

Luke shoots him in the hand — and Lucifer bleeds since Chloe’s nearby — and pushes Lenore into the pool. Chloe dives in after her and sends the devil after Luke.

Lucifer stops him from escaping by grabbing the back of his car and holding onto the light pole behind him, keeping him there until Chloe arrives to arrest him.

She later finds Lucifer at Lux, and though he thinks she saw his monstrous side earlier, she corrects him: she saw her partner.

However, the premiere ends with her going to a church, where Father Kinley (Graham McTavish) joins her. “We knew this part would be difficult,” he tells her. “Just remember what you’re doing is the best thing for everyone on Earth, including Lucifer.” Is she ready for the next step? Yes. Uh-oh.

Lies Her Roommate Told Her

When Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) checks in with Chloe since she assumes her roommate knows she’s a demon, the detective assures her she knows she’d never hurt her. But when Maze wants to apologize to Trixie, Chloe tell she she’s staying at Dan’s and is still upset with her.

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When Maze drops a criminal off at the police station, she learns that’s a lie. Trixie’s not mad at her, and Chloe clearly has a problem with Maze being a demon.

Finding Home

Meanwhile, Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) drops by to see Lucifer after taking Charlotte to Heaven, which was exactly as he remembered. Though Amenadiel offers to stay to help now that Chloe knows the truth, Lucifer tells him to go back to heaven, where he wants to be.

But does he? When he stops by Linda’s office, he sees her hit Maze, as part of Linda’s attempt to get through to the demon using her language (violence). He intervenes, falsely assuming they’re fighting over him, only to realize they weren’t and don’t need his help. Home felt different, he admits, and Maze tells him why: “This is your home.”

Amenadiel then turns to Dan, “the most human person” he knows, and asks why he chose to live in L.A. Besides the great food and ocean, he met people he cares about — and that’s why it’s going to be the angel’s home now, too.

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