Inbar Lavi

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Birth Date: October 27, 1986

Age: 37 years old

Birth Place: Ramat Gan, Israel

Israeli born actor Inbar Lavi is best known from her performance as Sheba on the series "Prison Break" (Fox, 2005-2017). Born in Ramat Gan in 1986, Lavi suffered from serious asthma as a child, and spent many hours watching movies while inhaling from her nebulizer. After studying ballet extensively during her teens, Lavi moved to the United States at age 17 to attend the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute on a full scholarship. After appearing as Cordelia in a production of "King Lear" directed by Tom Badal, Lavi moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career on camera. She began booking auditions and soon found her niche making guest appearances on a number of popular TV series, acting on "The Ghost Whisperer" (CBS, 2005-2010), "Criminal Minds" (CBS, 2005-), "Entourage" (HBO, 2004-2011), and "The Closer" (TNT, 2005-2012) in 2009 alone. Lavi also explored feature films, appearing in the horror movie "Underground" (2011) and in the crime thriller "For the Love of Money" (2012). Lavi's notoriety increased significantly when she took on the role of Raviva on the series "Underemployed" (MTV, 2012-2013), and later Lt. Ravit Bivas on the military drama "The Last Ship" (TNT, 2014-). In 2017, Lavi joined the cast of "Prison Break" as well as the series "Imposters" (Bravo, 2017-).

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