10 Best Lucifer & Chloe Moments From ‘Lucifer’ Season 4 (PHOTOS)

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Lucifer Partners

Chloe Tells Lucifer She Saw Her Partner, Not a Monster

Chloe takes a month’s vacation after seeing Lucifer’s devil face, but the partners are right back to solving cases in the premiere. He shows off his devilish abilities, and after he uses them to stop a killer from getting away, he fears she saw his monstrous side.

He knows that’s not all he is, but he also knows it’s unfair of him to expect her to just accept it, especially since he’s not sure if he can. However, she tells him she saw her “partner” and takes his hand.

“If you can accept me, then that really is all that matters,” he says.

Lucifer Date

Lucifer Asks Chloe on a Date and Cooks

Before the truth came out, Lucifer and Chloe were on the verge of becoming romantically involved. They’d even shared a kiss!

However, that was before she saw his devil face. Still, thinking they can move forward, he asks her out. She says yes, and he even makes her grilled cheese the way she likes. It’s just too bad he doesn’t know she’s planning to dose him with the contents of a vial from Father Kinley (Graham McTavish). (She does ultimately change her mind.)

Lucifer Chloe trying

Chloe Tries to Accept Lucifer’s True Nature

She refuses to go through with Father Kinley’s plan to hurt him because she knows in her heart that Lucifer’s not an evil monster. Though she’s still struggling to accept his true nature, she does think he doesn’t have to be the guy he once was.

Lucifer protection

Chloe Protects Lucifer During a Possible Explosion

Bracing herself for a suspect to set off a bomb, Chloe dives onto Lucifer (who has already been shot) to protect him.

Lucifer gift

Lucifer’s Gift to Chloe

Needing to apologize to both Chloe and Eve, Lucifer sends them gifts — but mixes up the orders. The one to Chloe (but delivered to Eve) is a printer with the message, “Apologies Detective, I won’t let you down again ever.”

Lucifer Chloe special

Lucifer Says Chloe Is “Special” Because of How She Sees Him

After Lucifer breaks up with Eve, he tells Chloe that she was in love with the person he used to be. “You’ve changed. You’ve become a better man,” Chloe tells him. As he notes, she’s “so special” because she sees him in a different light. “But I don’t like how that makes me feel, either,” he admits.

Lucifer masquerade

Chloe Has Lucifer Covered

In the penultimate episode of the season, Lucifer’s devilish side begins to come out, first just on his hands, then spreading to his neck and red eyes. But as it progresses, Chloe has him covered, from a scarf to a mask so he can attend an event at Lux for a case.

Lucifer forgiveness

Chloe Helps Lucifer Begin to Forgive Himself

Lucifer goes full devil, complete with the wings, in Episode 9. “I hate that I am poison for anyone who dares to care about me, especially you,” he tells Chloe. He expects her to be unable to look at him, given her issues with his true nature in the past.

But this time, she’s okay and she’s not going anywhere because what’s happening is about him, not her. She thinks he blames himself more than anyone else does who claims “the devil made me do it.” He needs to forgive himself, and to his surprise, he clearly begins to, given his devilish side retreats.

Lucifer Chloe smile

Chloe Admits She’s Afraid of Losing Him

While facing off against the demons on Earth in the finale, Lucifer tries to send Chloe away so she doesn’t have to see him go full-devil. But she is finally able to tell him what she tries to all episode: She’s not afraid of him, but of losing him and him forgetting about her.

She then smiles when he devils out to send the demons back to hell, where they belong.

Lucifer goodbye

Declarations of Love and a Heartbreaking Goodbye

To keep the demons contained in hell, he must return to be their king. But Chloe doesn’t want to lose him and apologizes for her reaction when she first learned the truth. “It was stupid, and please don’t go,” she begs him before admitting, “I love you.”

In turn, he tells her they were wrong about the prophecy. “My first love was never Eve,” he reveals. “It was you, Chloe. It always has been.” But when he kisses her, it’s goodbye.

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[Warning: The below and gallery above contain MAJOR spoilers for all episodes of Season 4 of Lucifer on Netflix.]

All that matters to Lucifer (Tom Ellis) is that Chloe (Lauren German) can accept him.

And that’s exactly what happens by the end of Lucifer Season 4. It’s just a bumpy road to get there, and once they reach that point, there’s still more angst coming Deckerstar’s way because Hell needs a king — and the only one who can do the job is Lucifer.

But even though some moments during the season hurt (and not necessarily in a good way) — she was plotting against him, he got back together with ex Eve (Inbar Lavi) — it was quite a good 10 episodes for fans of the couple.

Click through the gallery above to see some of the best Lucifer and Chloe shipper moments from Season 4.

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