‘Chambers’ Stars Uma Thurman, Tony Goldwyn & Sivan Alyra Rose Preview the Netflix Horror Series (VIDEO)

Rosemary’s Baby, Twin Peaks, and American Honey are just a few of the inspirations behind Netflix’s latest horror series, Chambers. It’s spooky, mysterious, and cinematic. And as southwest teen Sasha Yazzie (Sivan Alyra Rose) begins to see visions of another’s life—specifically the death of the teen who she owes her own life to after receiving an emergency heart transplant—things get downright weird.

The 10-episode body horror and psychological drama also stars Uma Thurman (Kill Bill) and Tony Goldwyn (Scandal) as Nancy and Ben Lefevre, the parents of the deceased donor Becky (Lilliya Scarlett Reid). As the mourning Nancy and Ben find little ways to weave Sasha into her upper-class lives, the series deals with trauma, identity struggles, and boundary issues. Meeting the teen who receives your daughter’s organ is one thing, but giving her money and clothes and letting her stay in your house? Now that crosses a whole other line.

(Credit: Netflix)

“What interested me a lot is you’re not quite sure where [they are] coming from, if there’s something darker going on or not,” Goldwyn teases. “You don’t really know what someone’s intentions are,” he adds.

So, are they hiding something? And what exactly is going on with Sasha? Check out the full interview below for a preview of the series.

Chambers, Season 1 Premiere, Friday, April 26, Netflix