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The Joe Schmo Show

‘The Joe Schmo Show’ Revived for New Season at TBS

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11 Best Sports Teams From TV Shows (PHOTOS)


From Small-Screen to Box Office: The Best and Worst TV-to-Movie Adaptations


15 Good, Great and God-Awful Stephen King TV Adaptations

The Mist, syfy preview, Stephen King

Inside ‘The Mist’’s Jaw-Dropping Moth Metamorphosis

Danica Curcic, Morgan Spector, Russell Posner and Okezie Morro in The Mist

Spike’s ‘The Mist’ Series Is Equal Parts Horror and Drama

Summer Reading List

TV Fans, Here’s Your Summer Reading List!

The cast of The Mist - Bryan Hunt (Okezie Morro), Kevin Copeland (Morgan Spector), Adrian Garf (Russell Posner) and Mia Lambert (Danica Curcic)

‘The Mist’ Trailer Rolls Out and It Is Creepy AF (VIDEO)

Craig Robinson in Careoke Showdown, season 1

Craig Robinson’s ‘Caraoke Showdown’ Is the Late-Night Show You Should Be Watching


Spike Airs a Look at John F. Kennedy Jr.’s Short But Eventful Life

TV Tattle

Report: Kelly Ripa is ‘Refusing to Come Back’ to ‘Live’ Following Michael Strahan’s Exit News

TV Tattle

A ‘Simpsons?’ Writer’s Son Inspired Smithers’ Coming Out Episode

Shannara Chronicles - Wil (Austin Butler), Amberle (Poppy Drayton), Eretria (Ivana Baquero)

‘The Shannara Chronicles’ Team on the ‘Respectful’ Adaptation That Brings the Book to Life on TV

Cast of Agent Carter - Hayley Atwell and James D'Arcy

These Are the 39 Stars About to Take Over Your TV (PHOTOS)

TV Tattle

Donald Trump to Pay Another Visit to Jimmy Fallon

Sci-Fi Supernatural shows montage

9 New Sci-Fi and Supernatural Shows Debuting in January (PHOTOS)

Sweat Inc, Jillian Michaels

These 5 Reality Shows Will Help You Crush Your 2016 Goals

The Shannara Chronicles - Poppy Drayton, Austin Butler, Ivana Baquero

Roush Review: The Juvenile Fantasy of ‘The Shannara Chronicles’

Shannara Chronicles - Austin Butler, Poppy Drayton

‘The Shannara Chronicles’: Heroic Elves Use Magic (and Modern Tech) to Save the World

Clockwise from left: Courtesy CMT; Anthony Nunez/Fuse; Ovation

11 New Reality TV Shows You Don’t Want to Miss

Sweat Inc.

3 Reality Shows to Shape Up Your Fall TV Viewing

Midseason premieres

These Are the 30 New Shows Coming to TV Midseason

The Shannara Chronicles cast

‘The Shannara Chronicles’ Cast on the Show’s Jedi-Like Journey (VIDEO)

Tut - Ben Kingsley and Avan Jogia

‘Tut’ Miniseries Makes the Legendary Boy King the Center of Attention


The Shannara Chronicles Adds Daniel MacPherson, Brooke Williams and Marcus Vanco