15 Good, Great and God-Awful Stephen King TV Adaptations

Kellie Freeze

Stephen King’s writings are tailor-made for on-screen adaptation. His novels and novellas have been turned into cinematic masterpieces including Carrie, The Shining, Stand By Me and The Green Mile.

King’s tomes have gotten the television treatment too, and in honor of Audience Network’s upcoming series, Mr. Mercedes, we've chronologically highlighted in the gallery above 15 good, great and god-awful Stephen King TV adaptions. Some of the adaptations keep us at night with terrifying visions of killer clowns, while others destroy our dreams because they were just that bad...

We left plenty of the TV adaptations off of our list and would love to know how you'd rate them. So what did you think of the TV adaptations of The Tommyknockers (1993), Rose Red (2002) or Salem's Lot (1979 and 2004 versions)? Which other King adaptations were terrific—and which ones were totally terrible?

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