These 5 Reality Shows Will Help You Crush Your 2016 Goals

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New Year's Eve 2016 Ball Drop
Ida Mae Astute/ABC
New Year's resolutions are hard. You need support from your friends, family, significant others, and yes, TV celebrities. If being the New You has you exhausted already, it might help to watch someone else do it first. These shows will have you motivated, inspired and in some cases, properly educated so you can crush your 2016 goals from the start — whenever that may be. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or find love, these are the resolution-rocking series to see.
Sweat Inc, Jillian Michaels
Spike TV

Get Healthy: Sweat Inc on Spike TV

Big change is easier when you add something, rather than subtract. In this case, add exercise. Diets come and go, but pictures of yourself post-pilates are forever. So what is the new calorie-burner du jour? Gorgeously intimidating fitness fanatic Jillian Michaels’ new show is all about finding that next big workout trend. She’ll show you what works at the gym and what doesn’t, and most importantly, what’s worth spending your precious few sweat-able hours on.
Booze Traveler
Travel Channel

See the World: Booze Traveler on Travel Channel

This is the show we all wish we could’ve watched before we studied abroad. Host Jack Maxwell lives the dream, trotting around the globe and drinking the best (and strangest) cocktails, beer and wine in the world. If anything could push you to buy that plane ticket, it’s the knowledge that there’s an awesome drink in a beautiful place with your name on it. After watching his guide to the bars in Spain, you’ll be in the middle seat between two of your friends. Bottoms up.
The Bachelor
Craig Sjodin/ABC

Fall in Love: The Bachelor on ABC

Sometimes finding true love is about what you shouldn't do. This show squeezes dozens of priceless love lessons into each drama-filled hour, mainly in the form of Don'ts. This season's Bachelor, boyishly dreamy Ben, has a heart of gold, which means he's doomed. Watching these waxed-to-perfection women make mistake after mortifying mistake will give you a crash course in dating. Learn from their pitfalls: don't cry on the first date, don't lock yourself in the bathroom, and most importantly, don't go there to make friends.
Michael Desmond/ABC

Make Money: Shark Tank on ABC

Now in its seventh season, the show is finally catching up with the Silicon Valley times we’re in. They’re currently featuring guest Sharks like actor-turned-investor Ashton Kutcher and Valley guru Chris Sacca to add some technology know-how to the board. The pitch antics are as inspiring as they are educational. Folks from all over the country come up with simple, brilliant ideas and get rocketed to success, as we learn a few business fundamentals ourselves along the way. Lightbulb!

Learn a New Skill: America’s Test Kitchen on PBS

Your new hobby might as well make people happy. PBS isn't exactly known for its binge-ability, but it’s also no-nonsense. Watching this series, you will actually learn to cook. There are no kitchen brawls, secret ingredients or B-list celebrity tasters. It's purely instructional as they delve into recipe after recipe to find out what works best, one ingredient at a time. You’ll watch, you’ll learn, and who knows? Keep PBS on and you may end up learning about deep space on NOVA while you eat.
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