20 TV Shows We Lost in 2020

Supernatural Schitt's Creek Will & Grace Homeland
Robert Falconer/The CW; Pop TV; Chris Haston/NBC; Sifeddine Elamine/SHOWTIME

Like any year, 2020 was filled with more than enough TV to keep us occupied, but shows can’t last forever.

Quite a few notable shows came to an end, some in unexpected ways due to scheduling (Empire, Supernatural), others in shocking ways with how they ended for the characters (The 100, Arrow). Some left us wondering exactly what we just watched (Blindspot), while others were wrapped up neatly with moments fans had waited for (Suits).

'NCIS' & 'FBI' Among Top Shows in Nielsen's 2020 Top Programs ReportSee Also

'NCIS' & 'FBI' Among Top Shows in Nielsen's 2020 Top Programs Report

'This Is Us,' 'The Good Doctor,' 'Yellowstone,' and more favorites remain strong in 2020.

Below, we take a look at 20 (of the many) shows that said goodbye in 2020.

Octavia Clarke The 100 Series Finale
Bettina Strauss/The CW

The 100 (The CW)

After a nuclear war, the human race returned to Earth and eventually found a home after seven seasons, a cryogenic sleep, and, finally, a very important test.

Oliver Felicity Arrow Series Finale Reunion
Colin Bentley/The CW

Arrow (The CW)

Oliver Queen’s (Stephen Amell) journey from his five years away (not always on an island) to eventually becoming the Green Arrow then “something else” ended after eight seasons and launched an entire ‘verse on the CW.

Jane Kurt Blindspot Series Finale Dinner Final Scene
Scott McDermott/NBC/Warner Brothers

Blindspot (NBC)

It was a show that began with Jane Doe (Jaimie Alexander), covered in tattoos, in a bag in Times Square, and five seasons later, ended with her, poisoned, and Kurt (Sullivan Stapleton) back in the same spot. What exactly the ending meant — did she live? did she die? — was left up to fans.

Criminal Minds Series Finale BAU Garcia Speech
Cliff Lipson/CBS

Criminal Minds (CBS)

For 15 seasons, the BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit) hunted down UnSubs (unknown subjects), but surprisingly, it wasn’t until the series finale that we found out about the hidden compartment in the jet. And it ended on an uplifting note: the team (mostly) isn’t going anywhere.

Empire Cookie Lucious Gallery Photo
Michael Lavine/FOX

Empire (Fox)

The Lyons’ story came to an end after six seasons (but not exactly in the way they had planned) of following Terrence Howard, Taraji P. Henson, and the rest of the cast of the music soap.

Fresh Off the Boat Series Finale Disney
ABC/Christopher Willard

Fresh Off the Boat (ABC)

For six seasons, the ABC comedy followed the Taiwanese-American Huang family before signing off with a finale that remembered the past (flashbacks) and even took a glimpse ahead (flash forwards) to see where the kids ended up.

Rakesh Miles Cara God Friended Me
Barbara Nitke/2020 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

God Friended Me (CBS)

It may not have ended the way it was intended to (the CBS drama was canceled), but an ending montage filled fans in on what was next for the characters they’d fallen in love with over two seasons — and saw Miles (Brandon Micheal Hall) heading to meet the person behind the God Account.

The Good Place Eleanor Chidi Michael Janet Series Finale
Colleen Hayes/NBC

The Good Place (NBC)

After four seasons, the NBC comedy gave each character his and her due in the finale, which asked the question: when is it time to move on from the actual Good Place?

Hawaii Five-0 Series Finale Steve McGarrett
Karen Neal/CBS

Hawaii Five-0 (CBS)

The CBS procedural said goodbye after 10 seasons, with a finale that fittingly focused on an old enemy (sort of, his widow) and sent McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) off on a new adventure — with a familiar face.

Homeland Series Finale Saul Carrie
Erica Parise/SHOWTIME

Homeland (Showtime)

After eight years, the Showtime drama came to an end, putting Carrie (Claire Danes) and Saul (Mandy Patinkin) in opposition and leaving off on a note that teased more operations to come.

How to Get Away With Murder Series Finale Annalise Keating
ABC/Jessica Brooks

How to Get Away With Murder (ABC)

Would Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) get away with murder? After six seasons, we saw how it all ended, who was at Annalise’s funeral (and how she died), and who survived.

The Magicians Series Finale Alice Julia Penny Margo
James Dittiger/SYFY

The Magicians (Syfy)

There was a whole new Fillory to explore when the Syfy drama came to an end after five seasons. But doing so left us with so many questions about what’s next.

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD Series Finale Coulson Lola

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC)

There were reunions, surprises, and teases of what was next for the agents, including a time jump, when the Marvel series signed off after seven seasons.

Modern Family Cast Dunphy Pritchett
Eric McCandless/ABC

Modern Family (ABC)

It was time for fans to say goodbye to the Dunphy-Pritchetts and for them to say goodbye to each other when the ABC comedy said goodbye after 11 seasons … but that was easier said than done.

One Day at a Time Alvarez Family

One Day at a Time (Pop TV)

The reboot was canceled twice, and sadly, unlike when Pop TV swooped in to save it after Netflix gave it the ax, this is goodbye for good.

Power Season 6 Ghost

Power (Starz)

While fans had to say goodbye to Power in 2020, that was really just the beginning of that world on Starz. Book II: Ghost is already airing and that won’t be the only spinoff about an already established character.

Ray Donovan Liev Schreiber
Jeff Neumann/SHOWTIME

Ray Donovan (Showtime)

Ray Donovan fans weren’t the only ones surprised when Showtime pulled the plug on the series about Liev Schreiber’s fixer; so were the stars and creator.

Schitt's Creek Rose Family Rosebud Motel
Pop TV

Schitt's Creek (Pop TV)

The comedy about the Rose family, who, after losing their money, relocated to the small town they once bought as a joke, ended with a finale filled with happiness (a wedding!) and a few tears (everyone was heading off on their own paths). And it got quite the Emmy recognition.

Supernatural Series Finale Sam Dean Winchester
Robert Falconer/The CW

Supernatural (The CW)

Sam and Dean Winchester (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) went from “saving people, hunting things, the family business” to saving the world countless times and would only lay their weary heads to rest after 15 seasons (the final of which was divided in two due to production shutting down).

Will Grace Karen Jack Series Finale
Chris Haston/NBC

Will & Grace (NBC)

The hit comedy signed off for a second time in 2020 (after returning for three more seasons in 2017), with a finale that hinted at a happily ever after for all four and a final goodbye to the apartment Will (Eric McCormack) and Grace (Debra Messing) shared.