‘Hawaii Five-0’ Series Finale: What Did You Think of McGarrett’s Ending?

Hawaii FIve-0 Series Finale McGarrett Alex O'Loughlin
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After 10 seasons, Hawaii Five-0 came to an end on Friday night, and while viewers got some answers about the fate of Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) and the rest of the 5-0 task force, others were left up in the air.

The episode, appropriately titled “Aloha,” picked up directly after the previous week’s cliffhanger, where Danny (Scott Caan) was abducted by Wo Fat’s widow, Daiyu Mei (Eugenia Yuan), and her baddies, who also set his car on fire, giving the team a scare. They still managed to track their friend down and arrived on the scene just as Danny escaped his restraints and started shooting at his captors before being shot himself.

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Luckily, Danny made it into surgery in time, and McGarrett stayed by his bedside throughout his recovery and was there when he woke up.

Meanwhile, Daiyu Mei and her crew attempted to raid Steve’s mom’s crypt for the millions left to her son but it was empty. This resulted in a shootout with the Five-0 team at the docks, and Steve cornered Wo Fat’s widow, ultimately opting to let her live which spurred Daiyu Mei to compare him to his father John McGarrett. This prompted a flashback to William Sadler‘s late character and revealed that John believed Doris (Christine Lahti) may have faked her death.

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The episode then jumps forward a week to show Danny and McGarrett lounging on the beach as Danny gushes over Hawaii’s beauty in attempt to convince his friend to stay. It seems to be no use as Steve is looking for “peace” that his island home can’t give him. And while Danny is heartbroken over his bestie leaving him, his parter-in-crime reassures him that his isn’t a forever goodbye. Steve also says goodbye back at the house to Lou, Adam, Quinn, Tani, Junior, Noelani, and newbie Lincoln Cole, whom he asks to “hold down the fort” while he’s gone.

The final scene of the episode sees Steve boarding a plane to a mysterious destination — but he’s not alone! He’s soon joined by Catherine Rollins, his ex and almost-fiancée, who shows up at his row and asks if she can sit next to him. She also reveals that she’s the one who cracked the cipher after being contacted by Lincoln for some help.

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The two then exchange some jokes about Danno and his car and then she sits down next to him and asks, “you ready?” His response? “Yeah,” as he holds her hand and they smile. End scene!

And what an ending! The Wo Fat saga came to an end, the team bid McGarrett farewell, Danny and Steve had a final sweet moment, and Steve ended his journey on a trip somewhere mysterious with the woman he loved. Sure, we had some lingering questions, but at least there’s a good chance we’ll see some of the characters again on the network’s other Hawaii-set procedural, Magnum P.I. — should it get renewed for a third season, which Five-0 and P.I. executive producer Peter Lenkov feels confident will happen.

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“The plan is to keep the 5-0 task force alive,” Lenkov told TV Insider ahead of Friday’s series finale. “A lot of the actors that live [in Hawaii] and we’ll try on a regular basis to bring them in and can keep it alive and keep the idea of Five-0 always on the periphery of our storyteller.”

So until next time, 5-0 team! We’ll miss you on our Friday nights.