Will There Be a ‘Supernatural’ Revival? Jensen Ackles Says ‘This Isn’t the Long Goodbye’

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We’re saying farewell to our favorite hunters Sam and Dean Winchester (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) on November 19, but maybe just for now?

Ackles opened up about the likelihood of revisiting Supernatural in the future on his former Smallville costar Michael Rosenbaum’s podcast, “Inside of You.” (Their conversation was released September 8, but recorded a few weeks ago when Ackles was still quarantining before resuming filming on the CW drama’s final episodes.)

“I’ve always thought that there’s a possibility of five years down the road, getting the call and saying, ‘Hey, let’s do a little short order action for a streaming network and bring them back for six episodes,'” Ackles said. “I do feel like this isn’t like the long goodbye right now. I feel like this is a ‘let’s hang this in the closet for now and we’ll dust her off down the road a bit.'”

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As for those final episodes, “We’re going to knock this out, try to do it justice,” the star said and echoed what he’d shared previously. “They had to rewrite a bit of the last two episodes because of the quarantine and because of the pandemic and all that stuff. There’s some things we can’t do [that] we were going to do.”

Ackles also offered a few fun behind-the-scenes tidbits, including that Jeffrey Dean Morgan was originally only supposed to play the brothers’ father, John Winchester, in the opening of the pilot, when Sam and Dean were young. The idea was to bring in someone else to play John in the present-day scenes: Bruce Campbell.

“They went to him, and I think only him, to play our father,” he revealed. “Ultimately, they couldn’t make it happen, whether it was schedule or whatever. … They were like, ‘Well, maybe we can just gray Jeff up and have him come back and play an older version of himself.’ Ultimately that’s what they did, and thank goodness, because you had the continuity, and Jeff’s so good and knocked it out of the park.”

Plus, Ackles is taking home Baby! He’s getting “the hero car, the one that we always drive,” he told Rosenbaum. Padalecki, meanwhile, was offered the “beat up” double of the 1967 Impala.

Supernatural returns in October with the final seven episodes, five of which had been filmed (but not completed) prior to the pandemic-related shutdown in March.

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