‘The Bachelor’ Fantasy Suites: Madison’s Ultimatum Breaks Peter Down (RECAP)

Peter Weber The Bachelor
Spoiler Alert

Now that hometown dates are behind us, it’s officially time for Peter Weber to take his final three women to the fantasy suite on The Bachelor. Tonight, we pick up where we left off last week, with Madison pulling aside the pilot to talk to him before heading into the upcoming week of dates.

“If next week you were to sleep with someone else, it would be really hard for me to move forward in this. And I just feel like I owe it to you, to be up front and honest with you about that,” she tells him. “That is really important to me.”

Peter seems genuinely confused by Madison’s request, even though she’s being very direct with what she’s saying. “Actions speak louder than words and I’m really big on that,” she adds.

“You know how much you mean to me,” he reminds her, clearly still not grasping the ultimatum he was just given.


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Peter goes on to explain to the cameras that the other two women — Hannah Ann and Victoria F. — have both expressed their feelings for him, while Madison has been a bit more reserved with how she feels. Because of that, it seems like he may not be willing to give in to Madi’s request because he doesn’t necessarily know where she stands with him.

“It’s crazy for me to think I’m down to my final three and I’m feeling very serious about all of them. I want to give all three relationships the best chance,” he says.

Hannah Ann’s date

Hannah Ann gets the first date of the week in Australia and the two head jet-skiing together. On the date, Hannah reminds the pilot just how strongly she feels for him. She tells him that regardless of what happens in the final weeks of dates, she will still be here for him at the end of the day — something that Madi hasn’t been able to tell him.

“Honestly today, I don’t want to think about anyone else. I just want to think about you,” Peter tells her. “I’m falling in love with you.”

Later that evening, Hannah Ann has no reservations about heading to the fantasy suite with Peter. “I’m all in. I see it,” she says. The pair head up to a beautiful hotel suite complete with a hot tub, huge comfy bed, and an endless amount of champagne.

“Here’s to waking up to you tomorrow morning and being so grateful that you’re in my life,” he tells her.

We cut to several — and I mean several — scenes of the two making out passionately. This is starting to get inappropriate for ABC. This is still a family channel, right?

Hannah comes home from her fantasy suite date and reunites with Victoria F. and Madison, who she’s living with this week in a shared home. The girls ask the model about how the date went and naturally, she’s coy and unwilling to share extensive details. Smart move, Hannah.

Victoria’s date

Off the bat, Peter reminds Victoria that, despite their communication issues, he’s still fighting for her and willing to make their relationship work. It sets the tone for a good day for the couple, who take a helicopter ride together through the gold coast.

While sitting beside a waterfall, Victoria and Peter bring up some of their very obvious issues in their relationship. Peter explains how he’s thought a lot about their disastrous hometown date, and how he still feels badly about not meeting her family. Victoria agrees, but feels happy about how their current date is going, because according to her, not arguing for a few hours is considered a win. Hooray!


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Later that evening, the couple head to dinner and immediately Victoria brings up their communication issues again. She finally opens up to Peter about why she’s been struggling to communicate with him throughout this journey, and ultimately, it’s because of a previous relationship. She explains that in her old relationship, she was never asked to express herself, so she’s caught off guard when Peter asks her to open up.

“I want you to tell me everything I need to give you,” she tells him. “Spell it out.”

Peter tells her that aside from their issues, there’s pretty much nothing wrong (well, duh), but he needs her to stop running away from him when times get tough. “It’s no secret that you have tried at some points to push me and tried to walk away,” he tells her.

Though Peter tries to peel the layers that is Victoria a little bit more, she still proves that she’s incapable of expressing herself. Like at all. But, who are we kidding? That doesn’t matter to Peter. She still gets invited to the fantasy suite and the couple head off to their magical room of love.

The next morning, we see Peter lying in bed with Victoria with a huge smile on his face. They seem to be in a great place after spending the night together. Victoria tells him that she’s in love with him and the two appear to be totally smitten with one another.

“I can for sure see a life with Victoria,” Peter says. “It’s like I have all the confidence in the world with her right now.”

Back at the house where the girls are staying, Hannah Ann fills Victoria in on the ultimatum that Madison gave Peter earlier in the week. Victoria seems to be shocked by Madison’s request and even goes as far as calling it “unfair” and “annoying” that she’d ask that of him.


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Madison’s date

Naturally, Madison gets the final fantasy suite date of the week — because the Bachelor producers are savage — and the couple head to the top of a building that overlooks the coast and spit out cheesy one-liners like how it’s all about the climb.

“When I’m with her, I don’t want to let go,” Peter says, before confirming once again that he’s fully in love with Madison.

But their picture-perfect romance quickly comes to a screeching halt when they head to dinner and the topic of intimacy once again comes up in conversation. Madison finally tells him that she’s been saving herself for marriage and it’s something that’s been important to her since she was a little girl.

“I do expect at this point for us to be honest about the expectations we do have and that’s I’m trying to do,” Madison says. “For me personally, I wouldn’t be able say yes to an engagement and move forward if you have slept with the other women. I’m not in any way trying to hold something over your head but at the same time, those are my expectations that I have in life.”


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Peter once again seems confused by Madison’s request, clearly because he has been intimate with someone, if not both women, even though she’s been very clear with her reasons.

“I don’t want to feel like a bad person for the standards that I have,” Madi says, adding that she needs some kind of reassurance that he hasn’t slept with anyone.

“I don’t know how else to do this,” Peter says, realizing that he needs to come clean about what he’s done. “I have been intimate and I can’t lie to you about that.”

He proceeds to tell her that he can see her standing at the end and getting engaged to her, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that he’s been intimate. “Coming into this week, I could see that with other people, too, and I hate saying that to you,” he says.

Madison is clearly struck by the news and excuses herself from the table. She walks away in tears, unsure of what to do with her relationship with Peter. He chases after to comfort her and it’s clear she’s deeply hurt. She feels he was willing to risk their relationship, knowing that she’d have serious issues with what he’s done.

Peter holds her and apologizes over and over. “I hate this situation right now,” he says. “I can’t lose you.”

He proceeds to beg her not to walk away from him as she questions whether or not she can stay.

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