Will Eddie Repeat His Past Mistake on ‘A Million Little Things’? (RECAP)

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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 2, Episode 14 of A Million Little Things, “The Sleepover.”]

Theo’s struggles with the truth about his parents’ marriage continues — and reveals that they’ll always have Eddie’s (David Giuntoli) affair with Delilah (Stephanie Szostak) hanging over their heads.

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In “The Sleepover,” Eddie has Dakota (Anna Akana) over to the house to rehearse, and at first, his son is thrilled. He even has a hat for the occasion and seems to be getting along well with the singer. However, the more he watches his father with her, and the more they nag each other, the less happy he is. “Are we rehearsing or are we joking around?” Theo interjects, and he walks out when Eddie suggests they take a break.

It’s when Theo snaps at Dakota for trying to use first Katherine (Grace Park), then Eddie’s mugs — “use one of the blank ones that nobody cares about” — that Eddie questions his son’s attitude towards his friend. “Friends like you and Aunt Delilah?” Theo asks. “Are you going to have a baby with her, too?” Eddie stares at his son, speechless (like in the photo below), which is all he does for most of the episode.

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Katherine suggests they talk to their son together when they tuck him in that night, but her bid for sainthood continues when she gets home from helping Rome (Romany Malco) and Regina’s (Christina Moses) potential birth mother: Theo only wants to talk to her. That means Katherine’s the one who has to face her son’s questions about Charlie and Dakota and the possibility of another half-sibling, and she handles it the best she can. Adults can just be friends, like Uncle Jon was to her.

“I don’t want you to have to go to the Grand Canyon again,” Theo tells his mother. Ouch.

Eddie, again, just stares speechless after his wife relays their conversation to him after. He offers to stop working with Dakota, but Katherine reminds him that he’s doing that for their family, so he can bring in money and she can stay home with Theo. “There’s always going to be another Dakota,” she says. “This is part of our story now. And it always will be.”

It’s near the end of the episode that Eddie finally finds his words. He joins Theo at the table and shows him the wedding vows he’d written down, admitting he didn’t “love, cherish, and honor” Katherine. “Having a baby with Aunt Delilah, I broke my vows and as much as I love Charlie, it is something I am not proud of,” he shares. “But I want you to know it won’t ever happen again. … I saw how much it hurt you and mom and I saw how you looked at me differently because of what I did. Mom has agreed to give me another chance, and I hope that I can convince you to give me one too.” Theo agrees.

And while Eddie and Katherine may be back together, they’re not perfect — and it’s good to see the show acknowledge that. Still, they seem to be taking another step in the right direction. After their son leaves, Katherine joins Eddie and tells him that she hadn’t thought about Jon in a few days, something she never thought would happen.

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“Ever since you’ve been back, you’ve done everything right,” she says. “There are certain things you think you’ll never get over, but then you realize, maybe it just takes time.”

Let’s just hope that Theo isn’t right to be worried about Dakota. It’s doubtful he is, but given this is a TV show, there’s always reason to be concerned for more drama. But we’ll probably get plenty of that for the family when Eddie’s sister shows up.

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