‘A Million Little Things’ Is Obviously Heading for a Gary-Maggie Reunion (RECAP)

A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 15 Maggie Gary Wine
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 2, Episode 15 of A Million Little Things, “The Lunch.”]

Gary (James Roday) and Maggie (Allison Miller) can just be friends … right? Wrong, because this is TV and the signs are already there for a reunion to likely come sooner rather than later.

In “The Lunch,” Gary decides to take over a table at Regina’s (Christina Moses) restaurant for his freelance work. The only problem is that Maggie set a lunch with a guy from a dating app there at the same time. “I thought I would meet him here so you guys can tell me if he looks like a pathological liar or not,” she explains to Regina and Delilah (Stephanie Szostak). “I don’t think he does, but after what happened with Eric, let’s just say my instincts haven’t really been working for me.”

Upon seeing her ex-boyfriend, she tries to cancel her date, but he doesn’t respond to her messages. So, she approaches Gary to ask him to leave. He puts the pieces together about her date — she’s wearing heels, and she smells good — and assures her “dating is rad.” This isn’t awkward, he insists, but there’s no other way to describe every single one of their exchanges in this episode. She eventually tells him not to leave, so he has a front row seat to her being stood up.

Maggie Stood Up A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 15

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The first time he joins her at her table, he mocks her date’s name (Larry). (That has to be a Russ/Ross nod, right? And we all know how that turned out.) When the guy’s 30 minutes late, he returns, and she snaps. She wanted him to leave an hour ago, she tells him and adds, “I am humiliated, and the last person I wanted to be humiliated in front of was you.”

As she’s about to leave, Gary apologizes, admitting that he stayed because he wanted her date to go horribly and to be there to see it. Regina brings her friend a bottle of wine, claiming it’s from Larry, but Maggie knows better. Gary denies he sent it and instead blurts out that Regina did. She goes along with it, but after Maggie walks away, asks Gary why he didn’t tell her — not about the wine, but his feelings.

“Maggie’s made it very clear she only wants to be friends, and maybe friends is all we’re supposed to be,” he says. “I can’t put myself out there again, not with her.” But maybe knowing that part of Maggie wanted the bottle to be from Gary will change his mind? It’s likely going to be up to Regina to tell him that, though.

Maggie was the one to declare they can just be friends, in Episode 13 “Daisy.” This, of course, came after Gary imagined telling her he loved her, her responding in kind, and the two kissing. Then, in the following episode, she called him after her six-month cancer checkup. She’d let Delilah fill him in on the results (she’s okay) because she was respecting his boundaries. And then they had a thinly-veiled exchange about Danny finding someone else who gets him like Elliott.

James Roday Allison Miller A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 15

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Did Gary and Maggie need to break up? Yes. Both clearly have some growing to do apart, and while Gary has taken huge steps past being the man he was immediately following the split, they both have some things to figure out. (He did wisely not accept her invitation in when he checked on her after the Eric debacle.) But they’re clearly on track for a reunion, possibly by the season finale, especially if you take into account the fact that the series hasn’t been renewed for a third season yet.

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