‘Married at First Sight’: 14 Key Moments From ‘Here Comes the Stranger’ (RECAP)

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Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Married at First Sight Season 10, Episode 2, “Here Comes the Stranger”]

Married at First Sight lived up to its name in the most recent episode from the 10th season, “Here Comes the Stranger.” Three couples made it down the aisle in the special episode.

Katie and Derek, Taylor and Brandon and Jessica and Austin were the three lucky duos who got the anticipation over with first — meanwhile, two more weddings will await viewers next week when Meka and Michael as well as Zach and Mindy say “I do.”

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Below, we’re breaking down the second episode’s biggest moments, but beware of major spoilers.

Derek’s Mom Shows Up

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Derek’s mother, although not at first supportive of the marriage, showed up for her son’s ceremony all the way from Uruguay. She tells him she doesn’t want to lose him, but Derek promises her that he’s not going anywhere.

Katie’s Second Thoughts

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Just as she’s getting ready to walk down the aisle, Katie expresses doubt to her father over whether or not she wants to go through with the marriage. Ultimately, she let her fears go and took the plunge.

Promises and Trust

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During their time at the altar, Derek tells Katie he plans to fall in love for the first and last time with her. Meanwhile, she shares in a testimonial scene that she’s never seen more honest eyes in her life.

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Groomsmen to the Rescue

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Brandon’s groomsmen help the nervous hubby-to-be with his vows and notes, in a sweet moment.

Don’t Panic

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Before walking down to the altar, Brandon tells viewers he’s prone to panic attacks and is worried he might experience one on this special day. But he ends up gaining strength to walk down the aisle where he introduces himself to Taylor’s mother.

Good Lookin’

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Overcome by the introduction with Brandon, Taylor can’t contain herself when she turns back to her family and says he looks good.

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Before the officiator pronounces them man and wife, Brandon pulls Taylor in for a kiss in an awkward jump-the-shark moment.


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Taylor asks Brandon about one of his tattoos when they have a moment alone together, and he shares that it’s in memory of his brother who died due to gun violence. The surprisingly open moment assures Taylor that her husband is honest and up front.

Twin Thing

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Jessica’s twin sister drops by while she’s prepping for her big day and the pair discuss the idea of switching places. For this occasion, Jessica doesn’t feel it necessary to switch places with anyone despite being nervous about meeting her future spouse.

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Mama’s Boy

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Austin’s mother and grandmother visit him before the wedding, and it’s clear his mother isn’t pleased about the arrangement. She does stay civil though, as she’s only concerned about her boy.

Funny Vows

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Austin’s vows were a big hit, making his bride Jessica giggle as he remarked that he knew he’d marry her the first time he saw her.

Emotional Firsts

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Katie and Derek’s first dance makes their family and friends cry as they witness the couple’s first moves on the floor together. Meanwhile, Derek learns that Katie is a diabetic when she refuses extra carbs before their meal arrives.

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No Moves

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It takes no time at all for Taylor to learn that her new hubby has zero dance skills on the dance floor. While she claims she’s okay with it, we’re not so sure.

Meka’s Dress Meltdown

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While we didn’t see her and Michael walk down the aisle yet, Meka was in a mood when she didn’t feel comfortable in her wedding gown. Will the error be fixed or will she be forced into being uncomfortable all day?

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