How to Follow the ‘MAFS’ Season 9 Couples on Social Media (PHOTOS)

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MAFS socialmedia elizabeth 1

Elizabeth Bice

This self-proclaimed Southern Belle goes by Beth online through Instagram (@justbeth____) and Facebook as well as Twitter. The only account that isn’t public is Bice’s Facebook.

MAFS socialmedia jamie 1

Jamie Thompson

The outgoing groom is reflecting his new status as a married man on social media with his Instagram handle (@jamie_the_hubby), as well as on Twitter. He’s also on Facebook
where some posts are public like his Twitter page, but Instagram is currently private.

MAFS socialmedia deonna 1

Deonna McNeill

The well-traveled career girl is on Instagram (@deonna.mcneill), and her bio does include a ring emoji, which should have tipped fans off about her Greg’s success before she set the page to public.

MAFS socialmedia greg 1

Greg Okotie

On Instagram (@gregokotie), this Season 9 groom has one of his wedding pictures featured. He also has a Facebook which is private, but Instagram is now public.

MAFS socialmedia amber 1

Amber Bowles

While Amber’s Facebook and
Instagram (@abowlforlife) accounts had been private, since the show’s finale, her Instagram has been set to public.

MAFS socialmedia matt 1

Matt Gwynne

The basketball player is on Facebook
and Instagram (@mkgwynne) and it appears that both accounts are now public with no evidence of his time of Married at First Sight.

MAFS socialmedia keith 1

Keith Manely

Labeled as Keith Maley II on social media, this groom appears to be public for the most part on Facebook, but his Twitter and Instagram (@keithisjust) are both private.

MAFS socialmedia iris 1

Iris Caldwell

The cast member, labeled this season’s “virgin bride,” is active on social media through Instagram (@irisolivia) and Facebook
both of which are now public.

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Married at First Sight‘s ninth season has finally wrapped, and if following the cast in weekly episodes wasn’t enough, there’s a solution — social media.

In this age of Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, it’s easy to find the couples that are at the center of this Season 9. Keep tabs on the latest news and notes by checking out their profiles.

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We’ve made it easy for you by rounding up where you can find Amber and Matt, Elizabeth and Jamie, Iris and Keith and Deonna and Greg in the gallery above. It should be noted that some of their profiles are currently private, but as the season approached its end, that changed once the secrecy of the couple’s statuses was no longer a concern.

Check to see what they’re up to post-show and stay tuned for the upcoming season which is sure to feature more interesting couples.

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