Get to Know the ‘Married at First Sight’ Season 10 Cast (PHOTOS)

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MAFS S10 couples cover
Belinda Green and Victoria Vazquez for Lifetime
MAFS S10 couples Jessica_Austin_08_03_19-143
Tawney Holmes for Lifetime

Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd

Studer is a 31-year-old nurse manager who was raised on a Christmas tree farm, while network technician Hurd — also 31 — grew up in Maryland with a loving family that included his parents and siblings. Similarly, Studer grew up with her parents and identical twin sister, where she learned the value of a strong marriage. She hopes to find the same spark that’s kept her parents’ union together for the last 35 years with Hurd. He also wants to find that special connection, as Hurd’s been ready for marriage for some time but unable to find the right woman.

MAFS S10 couples Lifetime
Victoria Vazquez for Lifetime

Mindy Shiben and Zach Justice

A figure skating coach, 34-year-old Shiben was born in Maryland, was instilled with a strong moral compass by her parents, and despite their divorce, she still believes in love more than ever. Fitness professional, 32-year-old Justice was raised in Georgia where he learned that family is everything, and similar to Shiben, his parents are also divorced. After the death of her younger sister, Shiben wants to waste no time finding the love of her life and Justice is equally hopeful about marriage.

MAFS S10 couples Meka_Mike_08_02_19_Edited-373
Tawney Holmes for Lifetime

Meka Jones and Michael Watson

A category analyst, 25-year-old Jones is the oldest of five children raised in Baltimore where her mother raised her as a single parent. For a long time she struggled to find healthy relationships which has lead Jones to Married at First Sight. Meanwhile, education director, 31-year-old Watson was born and raised in Washington, DC and despite his mother dying when he was young, he’s learned strong family values from his aunt who adopted him and cousin. Like Jones, Watson is hopeful he’ll find his soulmate with the series.

MAFS S10 couples Album-44
Victoria Vazquez for Lifetime

Derek Sherman and Katie Conrad

Sherman, a 26-year-old cyber security engineer was raised in a tight-knit military family, and during his formative years, spent time in Argentina with his mother’s side of the family. He still views marriage as a positive institution despite his parents’ divorce. Meanwhile, Conrad, a 25-year-old mental health professional was raised in Virginia with her three brothers and similar to Sherman, has divorced parents. Conrad is close with her step-mother who married her father, and is ready for marriage since she hasn’t found the right partner in life yet.

MAFS S10 couples 394A0809 (1)
Belinda Green for Lifetime

Brandon Reid and Taylor Dunklin

Sales manager Reid, 34, was raised in DC with roots from the U.S. Virgin Islands and family is of the utmost importance as he wishes to find his soulmate through Married at First Sight. He believes he has what it takes to find success with the experiment as he’s had a few good relationships in the past. Meanwhile, 27-year-old research scientist Dunklin was born in Pittsburgh and grew up in Maryland where her mother raised her. She never had a relationship with her father and credits her mother for making her a strong independent woman, but Dunklin is also a hopeless romantic who recently got out of a traumatic long-term relationship. Can she find love with Reid?

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Lifetime’s Married at First Sight has hit a milestone with its 10th season and we’re helping you better get to know the couples!

Along with this landmark achievement, Lifetime upped the ante by bringing in five couples for two-hour-long episodes in Season 10. Like the pairs that came before them, these strangers were ready to sign on for love and commitment from someone they’d never met before encountering them on the altar.

In the gallery above, learn more about the five couples participating in the current season. Click through the gallery above for more on their lives pre-marriage.

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