‘Married at First Sight’: 13 Key Moments From ‘Bear With Me’ (RECAP)

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Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Married at First Sight Season 9, Episode 12, “Bear With Me”]

Married at First Sight is only three episodes away from the finish line as Episode 12, “Bear With Me” aired Wednesday, August 28. Couples were faced with the upcoming decision day jitters during a retreat in the woods.

Below, we’re breaking down all of the key moments from the installment, which included a run-in with a bear among other things. Beware of major spoilers ahead.


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During a double date with her sister and sister’s boyfriend, Deonna showed off her axe-throwing skills, which new husband Greg was both impressed and scared by. When it came time for him to step up, the lack of accuracy was comical for all involved.

Real Talk

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When Amber meets up with a friend, she opens up about the struggles that she’s been facing with Matt, but this guy friend isn’t so convinced it will work out. It’s hard to tell if Amber’s friend believes this or is motivated by feelings for her based on the things he said during a testimonial.

Ice Cream & Makeup

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It is revealed at the beginning of the episode that Jamie hasn’t been home in four days following a fight with Elizabeth. In order to sort things out, they meet up for ice cream and chat. Ultimately, Jamie agrees to come home, and they decide to put their sex life on pause in order to get to know each other better first.

A Killer Spider

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This episode featured a couples retreat in the woods where all of the newlyweds stayed under one cabin roof. Upon arriving, Elizabeth notices a massive spider in the downstairs floor. Later on in the episode, we see Keith, Iris, Amber and Matt happen upon the same spider when they move into their rooms and the results are both hilarious and terrifying. When Iris learns that Elizabeth knew about the creature’s presence, she let her annoyance show over not being warned.

Bear Territory

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Jamie, Elizabeth, Deonna and Greg were the only couples to witness a black bear cross through the property as they all arrived early. The animal wandered from the woods and passed by for a quick look before leaving, and the experience left all of the Married at First Sight stars on edge for the rest of the retreat.

Peace Offering

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After last week’s awkward racetrack exchange between Jamie and Elizabeth in front of the other couples, they decided to make up for the situation by cooking dinner for everyone. It was a kind and welcome gesture, which is somewhat surprising for the volatile couple.

Tequila Target

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During breakfast the day after arriving, Elizabeth offers Iris a shot of tequila, but the virgin bride refused despite encouragement from her husband Keith. The strong-minded woman said she doesn’t cave to peer pressure, but Elizabeth said she thought Iris needed to loosen up.

Matt’s Genuineness

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During a roundtable discussion with the other couples, Matt opens up about the challenges he’s faced as a new husband and the effort he thinks he’s making. While on the surface it appears to be genuine, Amber revealed in a testimonial that she’s not sure if he fakes it for cameras because his actions don’t reflect his statements.

Foraging Adventure

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Some of the spouses went on individual couple excursions, and for Deonna and Greg it included foraging — which was a test for Greg, who isn’t as daring as his adventurous wife. His willingness to try new things proved that Deonna’s impact is greater on Greg than she previously thought. It’s hard to doubt someone’s love when they eat bugs for you.

Salt Rejuvenation

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Jamie and Elizabeth visited a salt cave for their excursion and both agreed it was a good restart to their relationship, a rejuvenation of sorts. Will it last? Fans will have to tune in to find out for sure.

Girl Talk

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The women congregated to discuss their impending decision day choices and many of them agreed that they’re uncertain of what will happen when it arrives. Deonna mentioned she appreciates Greg’s willingness to go at her pace when it comes to their marriage, while Elizabeth expressed concern over the way she and Jamie handled that aspect of their marriage. Amber, meanwhile, said she’s uncertain she loves Matt.

Boy Talk

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When the men gather to converse, Keith opened up about his uncertainty when it comes to Iris and himself and how he thinks he won’t know what he wants for sure until decision day. As for Jamie, he told the other men he loves Beth despite their quarrels and thinks they’re better together….

Keith’s Prank

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At the end of the episode, Amber, Matt, Elizabeth and Jamie take a dip in the hot tub, but are frightened when they hear noises in the darkness. Afraid that it’s a bear, they began to scramble before Keith revealed himself as the culprit in a clever prank. Now if only decision day was dealt with just as much laughter! With just a few more days for the couples to make their choice, fans will have a lot to take in when Married at First Sight’s ninth season continues next week.

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