Get to Know the ‘Married at First Sight’ Season 9 Cast (PHOTOS)

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Deonna McNeill and Gregory Okotie

Thirty-year-old Deonna is a driven operations manager, while Gregory is a 32-year-old owner of a math learning center. With busy careers and strong family values, they were both ready to find love with the right person when it came time to walk down the aisle. They’ve proven to be opposites that work well with Deonna being outgoing in every aspect except affection and Greg being the exact counterpart. For the most part, the union appeared to be successful and this was proven when they mutually agreed to stay married on Decision Day.

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Deonna McNeill

MAFS socialmedia greg 1

Greg Okotie

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Elizabeth Bice and Jamie Thompson

Elizabeth is a 32-year-old account executive and Jamie is a 35-year-old financial technician. While Elizabeth occasionally has trouble with showing affection, Jamie is working on getting less riled up about the small things in life. Both are looking for a long-lasting bond. Despite their passionate bond in the beginning, the couple’s discussions often turn into arguments so volatile that separation was believed to be imminent. In the end though when it came to Decision Day, these two stayed married.

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Elizabeth Bice

MAFS socialmedia jamie 1

Jamie Thompson

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Keith Manley and Iris Caldwell

Keith, a mentor/coach in his community, and non-profit program coordinator Iris are both 27 and looking to find a bond. Keith’s spiritual but not traditionally religious like Iris. Keith is looking for a relationship that stands up against his parents’ 30-year marriage and Iris is looking for a relationship adhering to traditional gender roles. One hurdle in their relationship has been Iris’ virginity which was something she decided to maintain until marriage. When it came to Decision Day, Keith couldn’t overcome their differences and asked for a divorce as opposed to Iris’s hope to stay together.

MAFS socialmedia keith 1

Keith Manley

MAFS socialmedia iris 1

Iris Caldwell

MAFS gallery season 9

Matthew Gwynne and Amber Bowles

Professional international basketball player Matthew is 31 and has a strained relationship with his recently divorced parents. Middle school teacher Amber is 27 and looking for someone who values family just as much as she does. While their immediate connection seemed promising in the beginning, things turned rocky when Matt didn’t come home a few times, leading Amber to fall into tear-filled evenings. When she eventually learned that he’d been unfaithful multiple times she asked for a divorce on Decision Day to which he readily agreed.

MAFS socialmedia amber 1

Amber Bowles

MAFS socialmedia matt 1

Matt Gwynne

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Lifetime’s fan favorite reality series Married at First Sight has returned for Season 9.

Along with ushering in a new season, the episodes also introduced four couples for viewers to follow as they met for the first time on the altar and went through newlywed milestones. Thankfully,the cast have revealed a lot of themselves as individuals and couples in the few weeks the show’s been back on air, and we’ve collected some of that information in the gallery above.

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How to Follow the 'MAFS' Season 9 Couples on Social Media (PHOTOS)

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Click through the photos above for a look at the husband and wife pairs!

Married at First Sight, Season 9, Wednesdays, 8:30/7:30c, Lifetime

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