‘Married at First Sight’: 12 Key Moments From ‘Secrets of the Past’ (RECAP)

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Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Married at First Sight Season 9, Episode 11, “Secrets of the Past”]

Married at First Sight‘s ninth season is nearing decision day, and the newlyweds dive deeper into each others’ lives in the latest installment.

As some arguments were resolved and concerns squared away, the couples explored their pasts by visiting childhood homes and visiting with family. Below, we’re breaking down all of the biggest moments, but beware of spoilers.

Growing Intimacy

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Iris went out of her comfort zone to connect with Keith during a steamy dance lesson as a way of growing their intimacy. Needless to say, the class was a success as the two excelled with their moves.

“Shut Up”

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As a gesture of friendship, Matt and Amber invited the other couples for a day at the racetrack. While Keith and Iris were unable to make it, Deonna and Greg and Jamie and Elizabeth did and things got awkward real quick when during a presentation Jamie told Elizabeth to “shut up.”

Dialing It Back

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While at the racetrack, Deonna dialed back her wild side when it came time to do a lap, opting for the passenger’s seat rather than the driver’s position. No matter where she was in the car, the adrenaline junkie had fun.


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Later that night, Deonna and Greg sat down to discuss their relationship when the topic of differences came up. As Deonna began to tackle differences though, Greg interceded and his wife decided to end the conversation, accusing him of mansplaining.

A Bitchy Blowup

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Elizabeth and Jamie’s racetrack situation carried on at home and elevated to a fight that included throwing a table. After storming off to be alone, Elizabeth is asked to join Jamie and Dr. Viviana Coles for a talk. At first, Elizabeth’s reluctant, and a choice expression leaves Dr. Coles asking if she’s been called a “bitch.” The women smooth it over, and so do up-and-down couple Jamie and Elizabeth.

“We Were on a Break”

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During Dr. Coles’ visit to Amber and Matt’s, she learns that they’re not having a physical relationship anymore in order to connect in other ways. The expert expressed concern, but the husband and wife assured her it was a temporary mutual choice ahead of decision day.

Dirty Little Secret

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As one of Dr. Coles’ assignments, Keith and Iris were asked to share a secret with each other as a way of showing vulnerability. When Iris revealed an embarrassing childhood story about swallowing a quarter as her dirty little secret, Keith was left dumbfounded and disappointed by the maturity level.

Better Understanding

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During Deonna and Greg’s trip to her hometown, they discuss their pasts, with her unveiling more about the reason it took her so long to open up to another relationship. Their conversation takes a positive turn when they both reveal their affection for one another and plans to remain together.

Invisible Wounds

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When Matt and Amber visit the site of his childhood home, he breaks down his walls a bit to reveal a more emotional side of himself to her. While he’s currently estranged from his family, the visit left Matt wishing to reconnect with them sometime in the future.

Trailer Park Past

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In a shocking reveal, Elizabeth’s childhood home is revealed to be a trailer park in which her home no longer stands, as it was demolished. The revelation left Jamie in awe and he even voiced his surprise and admiration for her after learning that she had a difficult beginning.


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In a quiet moment together, Keith’s mother asks if he’s happy with Iris, and while he said he is, there was some reluctance in his voice. Could he back out of the marriage on decision day?

A Happy Birthday

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For Deonna’s birthday, Greg pulled off a surprise in which he had her family come in from out of town and join them for some golf fun. The plan worked and Deonna was thrilled with the event, making us wonder if it’s a hole-in-one for this pair.

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