‘The Bachelorette’ 2019 Episode 8: Luke P. Screams, Throws Bologna Because He’s Still Not a Psychopath (RECAP)

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We’re officially at Episode 8 of the 2019 Bachelorette season, which means it’s time for Hannah Brown to narrow down her remaining men — Tyler C., Jed, Peter, Mike, Luke P., Connor, and Garrett — and figure out who gets a hometown date. It’s recap time.

Jed’s one-on-one date

Hannah gives Jed the first one-on-one date before hometowns and they explore Amsterdam together — they walk around town, take a little boat ride, click their heels in the street, the usual. They end up speaking with a local elderly couple who definitely, 100%, wasn’t planted there by producers. The couple asks how long Hannah and Jed have known each other to which Jed replies, “Long enough to know things.” That’s an interesting way of saying “approximately 15 minutes” but whatever you say, Jed.


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Later that night, the two meet to have dinner and Hannah drops the L-bomb. She admits that she’s been feeling strongly for Jed for a while now, but finally after this date — and clicking her heels in the street with him — she feels comfortable telling him that she’s falling in love with him. Jed reciprocates Hannah’s feelings to which the beauty queen blurts out a beaming, “Yay!”

Jed gets a rose, a kiss, and a hometown date.

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Tyler’s one-on-one date

Hannah reveals that she and Tyler will be horseback riding around the Hague, but they both have a lot of trouble navigating around on horse. These horses just do not want to cooperate. Reminds me of Luke P.

They try some sort of picked fish and Tyler nearly throws up right in front of Hannah. Yum. This is certainly setting the mood for romance.

Tyler and Hannah.

Later at dinner, Tyler reveals that he doesn’t normally open up to anyone. After seeing his parents go through a divorce, he’s become more protective of his heart. He reveals that he’s failed a lot in his past (doubtful), but his biggest fear is to fail in a marriage.

“I want to know who you are, where you’ve been, and where you come from. And I want to meet your family,” Hannah says as she gives him the rose.

“I feel like I am falling in love with you and I have no doubt in my mind that I could be getting on one knee one day for you,” he says.

Important to note that Hannah didn’t say she’s falling in love back, but you can definitely tell the girl is smitten with him.

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Mike’s one-on-one date

Mike gets the last one-on-one date of the episode with a date card that reads, “I’m drawn to you.”

Hannah reveals that she and Mike are going to go bike riding around town but the biking consists of about 13 seconds before they end up at an art studio. We find out that they’re going to be drawing one another and it’s safe to say these two aren’t artists.

They change into shiny, colorful robes and a professional artist starts to draw a portrait of them lying together.

Hannah and Mike.

Mike says he feels Hannah could be his wife and it’s clear she isn’t feeling it. The music starts to get slower, sadder… here it comes.

Hannah reveals in a confessional that she would feel guilty meeting Mike’s mom, sister, and grandmother, when she’s uncertain of her feelings for him.

In the nighttime portion of the date, Mike is grinning ear-to-ear with excitement to see Hannah, who is holding back tears. This poor sweetheart. Visibly distraught, Hannah breaks down in tears as she tells Mike that she has to send him home.

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“I can’t say that I’m happy,” he says. “I don’t know what to say except thank you for being honest.”

Connor’s exit

After it’s revealed that the group date will consist of Connor, Peter, Luke P., and Garrett, Connor leaves the room and appears to get cold feet. He had one of the first one-on-one dates of the season (and she was sick during it — remember?), so it’s only normal for Connor to want more, uninterrupted time with Hannah before bringing her home to meet his family.

Connor knocks on Hannah’s hotel room door and tells her that he’s disappointed he didn’t get the one-on-one date. He admits that he started to fall in love with her on their one-on-one date several weeks back and he’s been hanging onto that memory. Hannah doesn’t even crack a smile and it’s pretty obvious what’s about to go down here.

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“There are other relationships that I have stronger feelings with,” she says. “I don’t know if I can see it.”

“I didn’t want this to be goodbye and it sucks that it is,” Connor replies before he leaves.

The group date

Since Connor was prematurely sent home, the group date is narrowed down to Garrett, Luke P., and Peter. The men warn Luke prior to the date that he needs to stay in his lane. The catchphrase of the season, apparently. In true Luke P. fashion, the second he gets Hannah alone, he does the exact opposite of staying in his lane. This time, Jed, Garrett, and Tyler C. are thrown under the bus with lies. He says the men in the house have been nasty to him and wishes that Hannah could be a “fly on the wall” to see how he’s treated.

Hannah confronts Garrett about Luke’s latest claims and he’s clearly pissed. He says he’s sick of every conversation being the “Luke P. show” and also, same. Garrett then confronts Luke P. and my head is spinning in circles. The conversation went a little bit like this:

Garrett: I told you to stay in your lane.

Luke: I don’t even know how to drive.

Garrett: Good.

Luke: Great.

Garrett: I hate you.

Garrett tells Luke P. that his fate is sealed and it’s only a matter of time before Hannah sends him home. This triggers Luke and he basically turns into The Hulk.


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“I have been nothing but truthful with Hannah, and you are not going to mess it up,” Luke screams in Garrett’s face. Then, for reasons unknown, he throws a handful of bologna at Garrett. Hey, Luke, remember a few weeks ago when you said you weren’t a psychopath?

Peter stays out of the drama and gets the group date rose which means Hannah is going to meet his family.

“I am falling so hard for this girl,” he says, before leaving Hannah to deal with the Luke and Garrett saga. Now, normally the person who gets the group date rose before hometowns would get some extra alone time with the lead, but with Garrett and Luke as the remaining two, it’s clear producers want us to zero in on this drama.

The three of them arrive at dinner and Hannah starts off by saying she doesn’t want the night to bring any drama. LOL, she’s a funny one.

Luke gets some alone time with Hannah first. He tells her about his wild sex life in college and reveals the story of how God visited him in the shower and basically told him to stop being such a player. This is the story we were introduced to Luke P. on night one, so this is all coming full circle. Hannah says she feels connected to Luke after he shares that story. Also, I’m pretty sure this is the first conversation that he didn’t throw someone else under the bus.

When Garrett gets Hannah alone, he confirms that he’s not only falling in love with Hannah, but he loves her. Hannah seems genuinely happy with his confession. “This rose is coming back with me. Big time,” Garrett says with confidence.

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“You’re both wonderful but I have to give this rose to someone who opened up their heart but showed me inside their heart. I have to go with my gut and what my heart is drawing me to,” Hannah says, before handing the rose to Luke.

Luke laughs under his breath as Garrett exits and reminds us all once again that he’s a coldhearted psychopath. Now we get to see what Luke’s hometown is like and meet the family who raised such a stand up gentleman. Until then…

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