‘The Bachelorette’ 2019 Episode 7: Does Anyone Know How to ‘Stay In Their Lane’? (RECAP)

Spoiler Alert

This season of The Bachelorette has been quite the dramatic journey for Hannah Brown — and I know that because I was reminded about 50 times last week with that very unnecessary recap episode, or what I like to call it, the hour of my life that I’ll never get back. Thanks again, Chris Harrison!

Tonight, though, is focused on all of the new drama that we haven’t already seen this season as the crew heads to Riga, Latvia… so let’s dive right in with the recap to find out what happened on tonight’s episode!

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Garrett’s one-on-one date

So Garrett gets the first one-on-one date of Episode 7 with the date card that reads, “Can I trust our love?”

Hannah reveals that the two will be going bungee-jumping — naked — in an effort to strengthen their relationship, although Hannah seems fairly shocked about the “naked” part. Something tells me this was a last-minute surprise courtesy of the producers.

“My mom might kill me,” she says in fear.

The two take the (literal) leap of (naked) faith together and share a kiss as they hang upside down. Garrett seems pretty damn pleased with what just happened once the two land on the ground.

Garrett and Hannah.

Later that night, they head to dinner to continue deepening their relationship — clothed this time, unfortunately. This is the perfect opportunity for Garrett to compare bungee jumping to falling in love. Classic.

To end the night, he tells her that he’s falling in love for her… whatever that means. And he gets the rose.


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The group date

Hannah takes the men — Connor, Mike, Tyler, Dylan, Dustin, Jed, and Luke — to the marketplace to explore what the city has to offer.

Because the producers really care about ratings, Hannah starts to talk about her bungee-jumping date in front of all of the other guys — specifically hot-headed Luke. Sounds like a great idea — what could go wrong?

The group date.

Like clockwork, later that evening, Luke admits to Hannah that he was bothered by her date with Garrett. Clearly the producers know what they’re doing here. He tells her that her body is a temple and it “really pissed him off” that she would take her clothes off in front of another man. But don’t worry, he’s willing to support Hannah through any “bone-headed mistake” she may make. So understanding of him…

Hannah also gets alone time with Tyler, who is like a breath of fresh air compared to oblivious, delusional Luke. Tyler tells her how he loved the white dress she wore the week prior and said she looked “heavenly.” Swoon.

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“You looked like an angel and I hope you’re my angel.”

This guy is unreal. How is one human so perfect? Hannah rewards Tyler with a straddling makeout sesh and the group date rose. Good job, Ty!


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Peter’s one-on-one date

Hannah takes Peter on a Latvian-style spa day where they cleanse one another with leaves… and ultimately end up sweaty in a sauna together.

“I like a man dirty and sweaty,” Hannah says before the two start going at it — fantasy suite style — right in the sauna. In the biggest understatement of the century, Hannah admits their sexual chemistry is a 10 out of 10.

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Later that night, the two head to dinner and Peter opens up about his previous relationship and how that heartbreak has made it difficult for him to open up.

“It was my biggest form of heartbreak that I’ve ever felt,” he says, adding that he’s scared of the strong feelings he has for Hannah.


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Peter tells Hannah that he’s falling for her and hopes she’s the reason why everything in his past didn’t work out. Fingers crossed, Peter.

“Today makes me really excited for what’s to come,” Hannah says, and gives him the rose.

Jed sneaks out

When Hannah gets back to her hotel room, she sees Jed standing outside her window playing a song for her. She invites him in and he continues playing music for her on his guitar. This is starting to feel like an American Idol audition, to be honest, especially since he previously admitted that he only came on the show to promote his music.


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Jed then admits, while lying in bed with Hannah, that he’s falling in love with her.

Luke vs. everyone

So at this point pretty much everyone — including Hannah — has a problem with Luke.

First and foremost is Garrett, who sits down with Luke and calls him out for his comments he made to Hannah about the bungee-jumping date. Naturally, Luke denies that he did anything wrong.

“I wasn’t ever telling her what she can and can’t do with her body,” Luke says. “I just wanted more details. I feel like I needed it.” Sure, Jan.

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After some more unnecessary back and forth, Luke asks Garrett to leave so he can get some sleep. Garrett gets up to leave, but not before blurting out the creepiest line in Bachelorette history.

“Sweet dreams, Luke.” I’m pretty sure if this was a horror film, Luke would be getting murdered any minute now.

Later that night, Hannah unexpectedly shows up to the guy’s hotel room. She asks to see Luke, who jumps up from his seat like a kid being called down to the principal’s office. He’s definitely in trouble.

She tells him that his comments didn’t sit well with her and she was hurt by him. She confirms the bungee-jumping wasn’t sexual, but even if it was, he has no place telling her what to do with her body. Luke seems angry that he’s being “totally misunderstood” and even claims that she may not “totally remember” exactly what he said. This guy, I swear, is something else.

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Back at the hotel, the guys continue to attack Luke for how he’s treated Hannah. They all seem to be taking Hannah’s “stay in your lane” advice from last week’s episode a little too literally, as they’re making an endless amount of driving references in this argument.

Garrett: Stay in your lane, Luke.

Luke: No, you stay in YOUR lane.

Jed: I need an oil change.

Just as the guys are about to start talking about things like mileage and check engine lights, Chris Harrison shows up and confirms the cocktail party is canceled and they will be going straight to a rose ceremony.

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Who goes home?

Luke once again gets the last rose, which means Dustin and Dylan are sent packing tonight. The men are all visibly angry about Luke staying for another week. Even Chris Harrison question Hannah for giving Luke a rose.

“What do you even like about him?” he asks.

“I’m either falling in love with Luke, or he’s making me go crazy,” she replies.

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