‘The Flash’ EP Promises There’s Trouble Brewing for Central City in Season 5

The Flash - Danielle Nicolet, Jesse L. Martin, Grant Gustin, Candice Patton
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The battle against Team Flash’s craftiest adversary yet is finally over, and the West-Allen family has joyously expanded by two (one baby and one future West-Allen!).

Enjoy that happy feeling while you can, though, because The Flash showrunner Todd Helbing has some new trouble brewing for the S.T.A.R. Labs all-stars.

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And will Cecile's power grow even though she's given birth?

What do we know about Iris (Candice Patton) and Barry’s (Grant Gustin) daughter (Jessica Parker Kennedy) from the future?

Helbing: In the season finale’s final scene, the mystery girl who popped up at the couple’s wedding (among other places) revealed herself to be Nora West-Allen.

And yep, she’s a speedster. “She got her powers from Barry,” explains Helbing, promising to shed light on the “pretty big mistake” Nora admits to making early on in Season 5. “It will lead into what the problem is for next season and why she’s there,” he says.

Does she have a super-name?

Confirming that Nora has indeed adopted the mantle of a super hero in the future, Helbing jokes that she’s yet to get a super-moniker. “We have to wait until Cisco [Carlos Valdes] gives her one,” he says.

The Flash - Hartley Sawyer, Grant Gustin

Will Ralph Dibny (Hartley Sawyer) be a full-time team member in Season 5?

For sure. The former detective turned meta hero The Elongated Man is by no stretch done with his time on the series. “Ralph will definitely be back,” promises Helbing. “There’s a lot more growth that he has to go through.” Pun intended.

If Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) has memories of being Killer Frost as a kid, does that mean she was born a meta?

Nope. But she wasn’t created by the particle-accelerator blast, either. Calling this twist “a huge thing,” Helbing says the gang will spend a lot of time “searching for how this could possibly be, then [learning] the reasons why and who did it to her.”

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He's playing a new DC super-villain in Season 5 of the CW series.

Now that Iris is getting back into journalism, can we expect her to work on a story with Supergirl’s Kara (Melissa Benoist)?

“That’s certainly a possibility,” says Helbing. “It would be fun to watch them do that on one of the crossovers.” Yes, please!

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