Ask Matt: ‘Bosch’ Lacking Grace, ‘Justified,’ ‘Ghosts’ from the U.K. & More

Jamie Hector, Titus Welliver, and Amy Aquino in 'Bosch'
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Welcome to the Q&A with TV critic — also known to some TV fans as their “TV therapist” — Matt Roush, who’ll try to address whatever you love, loathe, are confused or frustrated or thrilled by in today’s vast TV landscape. (We know background music is too loud, but there’s always closed-captioning.) 

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Doesn’t Bosch’s Legacy Include His Former Boss?

Question: Again, I see no sign of Lt. Grace Billets (Amy Aquino) mentioned for the second season of Bosch: Legacy, yet the denizens of Hollywood are all there. Granted that Bosch is now a private investigator so there will be less interaction with a Station Detective Commander, but Crate, Barrel, Mank and Jerry are in and Grace has a personal friendship with Harry and daughter Maddie. Curious, what gives? — Peter B.

Matt Roush: Can’t say for sure, but if memory serves, at the end of the original Bosch series, Grace was promoted to the rank of LAPD Captain at the same time the Hollywood Division was shut down and the rest of the crew reassigned. So maybe she’s too high up in the hierarchy now to get her hands dirty with whatever Bosch is up to, and her new status could create some unwelcome tension given the way he left the force. That would be my charitable read on the situation. And while it’s great that the information so far provided regarding Season 2 of the Legacy spinoff (premiering Oct. 20) mentions the great Crate & Barrel among other Bosch stalwarts, I hope we’ll see Grace re-enter the picture at some point. As Peter notes, her relationship with the former detective (and his police officer daughter) is stronger than a mere work bond, and besides, who doesn’t love Amy Aquino?

Send Raylan Back to the Hollers!

Comment: Let’s start by saying I love Justified and Raylan Givens. So much that I watched the whole series again to be ready for him. What I loved most about the original series is that I still cared about all the villains. Raylan always knowing them or knowing the ways of townspeople made them, dare I say, almost likable. I know it’s crazy but who didn’t feel it when Boyd shot Dickie? I don’t find anything interesting or watchable about anyone in this new series except for some of the other cops. Raylan interacting with all the other law enforcement is always good. I know things change, but can we please put Raylan back in the hollers if the series comes back again? Or someplace where it isn’t dark inside and out for every scene. Miami would be great too! – MBT

Matt Roush: I’ve enjoyed Justified: City Primeval, but I imagine I’d have enjoyed it less if I watched it after a binge of the original series — which I only wish I had time to do; maybe if the strikes keep going? Anyway, it’s a fair point that as outrageous as Oklahoma Wildman Clement Mansell has been, he’s nowhere near as memorable as Boyd, Dickie and the other miscreants of Raylan’s past. And there’s no question that the marshal’s tangled history in his home state made the original series that much more savory. City Primeval was a calculated attempt to shoehorn Raylan into an Elmore Leonard story in which he didn’t originally appear, casting him as the proverbial fish out of water in a different sort of urban jungle. I found the new ride perfectly gripping, but I’d be thrilled if another season takes him back to his roots — or, as mentioned here, a sunnier clime.

Will the British Ghosts Be Lost in Translation?

Question: I saw that CBS will be airing Ghosts: U.K. this fall. I assume they’ll have to cut things out of the episodes to make them fit around American TV commercials. Have you heard anything about how they’ll edit the episodes? — Leah

Matt Roush: I haven’t seen CBS address this issue yet, but the current plan is to air two episodes of the U.K. version of Ghosts in a one-hour block on Thursdays (behind a repeat of the CBS version at 8:30/7:30c), and because British episodes run longer than they do on U.S. commercial TV — averaging 26 to a full 30 minutes minus ads — it stands to reason that the episodes will need to be trimmed by about five minutes each, maybe a bit more. This is not ideal but also not uncommon for shows moving across the pond. Let’s hope the trims are judicious and not too noticeable, because the British series is every bit as enjoyable as the CBS version (with just enough variations to keep it interesting) and it will be a shame to lose anything of substance. If you want to see the episodes uncut, the first three seasons are streaming on Max — but only until Sept. 13, according to Max’s monthly tip sheet.

Blink and You Missed Samantha

Question: Putting aside the “wait for me for five years” nonsense between Carrie and Aidan in the finale of And Just Like That, I just have to ask: Why did Kim Cattrall even bother making that meaningless phone call at the start of the episode? For those of who felt Samantha was the essence of Sex and the City, it was the worst sort of tease! — Ginger F.

Matt Roush: Not going to argue with this. Whatever motivations and negotiations were involved for this brief disembodied farewell call aimed at Carrie’s “fabulous, fabulous flat,” not at the friends she left behind for London, it fell flat (though she looked amazing), much like the series itself. Though I wouldn’t have minded a seat at that “last supper” dinner table.

Tired of Waiting for the Doctors

Question: Is there a third season of Transplant completed? If there is, why isn’t it at least on a streaming platform? We can’t get two seasons of a great show and then be left hanging! — Jeffery E.

Matt Roush: The good news is you won’t be kept waiting much longer. The Canadian medical drama will be back on NBC, again as a fail-safe (much like its arrival during the Covid crisis) to fill the void from the production shutdown during the ongoing writers’ and actors’ strikes. The third season, which aired earlier this year on CTV, will be shown Thursdays at 9/8c — a smart move, given that it’s the time period where we’d normally be watching a new season of Grey’s Anatomy.

And Finally …

Question: It is my understanding that “reality” shows such as The Masked Singer will be airing new episodes in the fall. I’m sure that writers provide most of the dialogue and jokes used even though it is presented as off the cuff. How is that working with the writers’ strike? Just curious. — Dawn

Matt Roush: You think that ghastly banter is written? Maybe it is, I haven’t a clue, but shows like these are officially “unscripted,” and if there are writers attached who are covered by the guild, they would not be allowed to work during the stoppage. I’m more surprised that performers who are part of SAG-AFTRA would continue to work on shows like this (see: Mayim Bialik choosing not to work on Jeopardy! until this is resolved). I’m a little fuzzy on the exact rules and regs, but one thing’s for sure: This is going to be a memorably messy fall season.

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