Can You Handle the Cast of ‘Too Hot to Handle’ Season 2?

Too Hot to Handle Season 2 Cast

Faster than you can say “chastity belt,” Too Hot to Handle became one of TV’s guiltiest pleasures when it hit Netflix in April 2020. And now “the world’s hottest no-dating dating show,” as the streamer calls the series, is coming back for another season rife with sexual frustration.

In case you missed Season 1, the tropics-set reality competition has three rules: no kissing, no heavy petting, and no self-gratification of any kind. If a contestant breaks the rules, they incur a penalty that is deducted from the group’s shared $100,000 jackpot.

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Netflix Drops Steamy New Trailer for 'Too Hot To Handle' Season 2 (VIDEO)

Can the 10 sizzling singles resist temptation? Find out when the new season debuts!

Last season, 10 contestants ended up splitting $75,000. Can this season’s batch of sex-starved singletons stay clothed and chaste long enough to do any better? Check out the Season 2 contestants below and make your predictions.

Too Hot to Handle, Season 2 Premiere, Wednesday, June 23, Netflix

Too Hot to Handle Season 2 Cam


A 24-year-old personal trainer from Wales, Cam (@camholmess) is a self-described “sexy nerd” with Lord of the Rings on repeat, a Gollum impression in his back pocket, and some “elf-based roleplay” on his rap sheet.

Too Hot to Handle Season 2 Carly


Carly (@carlylawrence_) is the first to admit she’s a man-eater who doesn’t exactly have romance on her mind. The 24-year-old used to be a competitive dancer, but now she’s a model working out of Toronto.

Too Hot to Handle Season 2 Chase


A professional football player from Arizona, Chase (@chasedemoor) says his sex drive is “100 out of 10.” Too bad Too Hot to Handle will keep this 24-year-old out of the end zone…

Too Hot to Handle Season 2 Emily


Emily (@emilyfayemillerr) is a 27-year-old, London-based model and polyglot who is used to getting what she wants, and is “not afraid to break a few hearts in her search for satisfaction,” Netflix says.

Too Hot to Handle Season 2 Kayla


Yes, she’s another model in the Season 2 cast, but Kayla (@kalyajean.official) also tends bar for a living. This 26-year-old Florida gal, raised in a conservative household, loves a beach day almost as much as she loves a bad boy.

Too Hot to Handle Season 2 Larissa


Billed as a “real-life Legally Blonde,” Larissa (@Larissa_Townson) is a lawyer from Auckland, New Zealand. But when she’s not working, she’s a party girl whom friends have nicknamed Tinkerbell.

Too Hot to Handle Season 2 Marvin


A 26-year-old model and influencer hailing from Paris, Marvin (@marvin.anthony_) went from shooting hoops to starting his own concierge business, and Netflix says he’s used to getting his “pick of the ladies.”

Too Hot to Handle Season 2 Melinda


Melinda (@melinda_melrose) is a model and a self-described firecracker who lives to be admired. Whomever this 28-year-old New Yorker ends up with will meet tons of in-laws: She has 15 siblings!

Too Hot to Handle Season 2 Nathan


Nathan (@nathankwebb) is an interesting guy. He moved from the United Kingdom to Texas to do “Magic Mike-style stripping.” And since this 27-year-old performer is living in the Lone Star State now, it’s a good thing he’s passionate about country music!

Too Hot to Handle Season 2 Peter


A personal trainer from New York, Peter (@petervigilante) has gone from pumping iron to pumping social media fame: The 21-year-old TikTok influencer says his admirers send him 100 to 200 DMs a day.