'Too Hot to Handle': Meet the Cast of Netflix's Newest Dating Show (PHOTOS)

Samantha Bergeson
Too Hot to Handle Cast Instagram

The 10 smokin' hot singles on Netflix's Too Hot to Handle just might be too good-looking to hold off from intercourse. In an attempt to walk away with $100,000, these contestants have to abstain from any kind of sexual activity — including kissing or even self-gratification — for a month. But will it be worth it?

What Do the Stars of 'Too Hot to Handle' Do for a Living?See Also

What Do the Stars of 'Too Hot to Handle' Do for a Living?

Being really really ridiculously good-looking isn't technically a full-time job, so what do these hot singles do to make money outside of the show?

While the "hottest, horniest commitment-phobic swipsters" are struggling to resist temptation on an island paradise, that doesn't mean you can't swipe right for yourself. Here's how to follow your favorite crush-worthy cast members on social media and get to know them better. Don't worry, A.I. "sex cop" Lana isn't watching.

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