‘Too Hot to Handle’: Meet the Cast of Netflix’s Newest Dating Show (PHOTOS)

Too Hot to Handle Cast Instagram

The 10 smokin’ hot singles on Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle just might be too good-looking to hold off from intercourse. In an attempt to walk away with $100,000, these contestants have to abstain from any kind of sexual activity — including kissing or even self-gratification — for a month. But will it be worth it?

What Do the Stars of 'Too Hot to Handle' Do for a Living?See Also

What Do the Stars of 'Too Hot to Handle' Do for a Living?

Being really really ridiculously good-looking isn't technically a full-time job, so what do these hot singles do to make money outside of the show?

While the “hottest, horniest commitment-phobic swipsters” are struggling to resist temptation on an island paradise, that doesn’t mean you can’t swipe right for yourself. Here’s how to follow your favorite crush-worthy cast members on social media and get to know them better. Don’t worry, A.I. “sex cop” Lana isn’t watching.

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Chloe Veitch_Too Hot to Handle_Netflix

Chloe Veitch

The 21-year-old model can be followed on Instagram (@chloeveitchofficial) and Twitter (@chloeveitchofficial). She posted that being on the show was “an emotional rollercoaster” but she’s thankful for the experience.

Sharron Townsend_Too Hot to Handle_Netflix

Sharron Townsend

The New Jersey-based model and actor posts photoshoot snaps on Instagram (@sharrontownsendofficial) and Twitter (@SharronTownsend). A Gender Studies major in college, he boasts that being a feminist is part of “the blueprint to pick up women.”

Haley Cureton_Too Hot to Handle_Netflix

Haley Cureton

Aside from hoping to win the money to “get a nose job,” the blonde beauty shares bikini pics on Instagram (@haley.cure).

David Birtwistle_Too Hot to Handle_Netflix

David Birtwistle

The self-described “quintessential British gentleman” shares his workout tips on Instagram (@david.birtwistle) and Twitter (@DBirtwistlePT).

Rhonda Paul_Too Hot to Handle_Netflix

Rhonda Paul

The Atlanta stunner poses on Instagram (@imrhondapaul) and Twitter (@ImRhondaPaul).

Harry Jowsey_Too Hot to Handle_Netflix

Harry Jowsey

Queensland, Australia native Harry can be followed on Instagram (@harryjowsey) and Twitter (@HarryJowsey). He apparently uses social media to DM celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner with pick up lines.

Francesca Farago_Too Hot to Handle_Netflix

Francesca Farago

The brunette bombshell shares her model-influencer lifestyle on Instagram (@francescafarago). She was also previously linked to Diplo.

Matthew Smith_Too Hot to Handle_Netflix

Matthew Smith

Dubbed the “Jesus” of the group, Matthew counts 90 Day Fiancé star Darcey Silva among his Instagram (@matthewstephensmith) disciples.

Nicole O'Brien_Too Hot to Handle_Netflix

Nicole O'Brien

Party girl Nicole left Ireland to find love on the beach. She shares her story on Instagram (@nicole.ob), posting that her journey on Too Hot to Handle was “surreal.”

Kelz Washington_Too Hot to Handle_Netflix

Kelechi "Kelz" Dyke

London-based football player Kelz shares his personal life and travels on Instagram (@kelechidyke).