‘Too Hot to Handle’ Cast: Where Are They Now?

Too Hot to Handle Cast

Welcome back! After a month on an island paradise with no sex and plenty of self-empowering workshops, these 10 Too Hot to Handle hotties returned to the real world.

But did any of the life lessons actually stick? Which couples are trying to make it work? And who has returned to their old ways? Find out below!

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Francesca + Harry_Too Hot to Handle_Netflix

Francesca Farago & Harry Jowsey

These two lovebirds were a consistent couple throughout the show. However, they were not without their ups and downs. After proving that they were capable of keeping their hands to themselves during the finale, the duo reclaimed the $32,000 they had previously lost the group. Francesca was shown asking Harry to relocate from Queensland, Australia to Vancouver to continue their relationship, and Harry proposed with a Ring Pop candy on the reunion special. However, the two parted ways, citing distance as their main problem.

Chloe Veitch_Too Hot to Handle_Netflix

Chloe Veitch

While Chloe didn’t make a love connection on the island, she did fully embrace her inner strength. Chloe was one of the key contestants who honestly opened up during the workshops about her insecurities, and overall came out of the experience a more confident person. She is still modeling and shared her excitement with fans about the show being aired.

David Birtwistle_Too Hot to Handle_Netflix

David Birtwistle

The charming British babe took the self-help theme of the show to heart. He has since founded performance coaching company Endeavour Life. Don’t worry, he also appears to still be single.

Sharron Townsend + Rhonda Paul_Too Hot to Handle_Netflix

Sharron Townsend & Rhonda Paul

This strong couple was a fan favorite during the season. Both Sharron and Rhonda shared their relationship fears of commitment, and ultimately Rhonda introduced Sharron to the most important person in her life: her son. Sharron’s modeling career has taken off recently, and while he resides in New Jersey, it seems like distance may have played a factor into dating Atlanta-based Rhonda post-show. Today, the duo call their relationship a “work in progress,” and remain friends.

Nicole O'Brien_Too Hot to Handle_Netflix

Nicole O'Brien

The lovable Irish lass has since found professional success in London as an ad buying executive.


Kelechi "Kelz" Dyke

After a short fling with Francesca on the island, Kelz “the accountant” was relieved when the $32,000 was reclaimed in the finale, bringing the total winnings for the group to $75,000. The British American football player and medical sales executive has since been living life to the fullest, posting that he is “trying to create memories that I won’t forget.”

Bryce Hirschberg_Too Hot to Handle_Netflix

Bryce Hirschberg

Bryce made his presence known after joining the cast later in the season. The Marina del Rey-based filmmaker and model counts castmates Harry Jowsey and Lydia Clyma as friends post-show, and frequently posts group photos on his Instagram account.

Lydia Clyma_Too Hot to Handle_Netflix

Lydia Clyma

Lydia arrived as a new addition in Episode 6, but she quickly fit right in with the group, including drawing sparks from David. While their romantic relationship didn’t last through the finale, she currently is working as a TV presenter in the UK. She also counts MMA fighting as a hobby on her Instagram page, and has appeared in costar Bryce’s “Boat Chronicles” Instagram. Maybe there’s a new couple on the horizon?