7 Loose Ends for ‘Supernatural’ to Tie Up in the Final Episodes

Supernatural Cast Season 15 Poster Final Episodes
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Supernatural is returning for its final seven episodes on October 8, but we’re not quite ready to say goodbye to our favorite hunters Sam and Dean Winchester (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) — especially since there’s still quite a bit we need the long-running CW series to address.

The final Big Bad is quite a formidable one, with the brothers and angel Castiel (Misha Collins) facing off against God (Rob Benedict). So, it’s a good thing they have a secret weapon in Lucifer’s son Jack (Alexander Calvert). Will he be able to accomplish the goal Billie (Lisa Berry) brought him back for? How will it end for the Winchesters? Scroll down for those and more of our burning questions for the drama’s farewell.

'Supernatural's Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles & Misha Collins Say GoodbyeSee Also

'Supernatural's Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles & Misha Collins Say Goodbye

There's still a bit of work left to do but Thursday was the final day of filming on the long-running CW series.

Supernatural, Final Episodes, Thursday, October 8, 8/7c, The CW

Jared Padalecki Jensen Ackles Sam Dean Supernatural Season 15 Episode 14
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Will Sam and Dean survive?

Sam and Dean have died more times than we can count (thanks to the Groundhog Day-“Mystery Spot”), but they’ve always been brought back. But with the series wrapping up, could this be the end of the Winchesters? Might one or both — though it’s hard to imagine one going on without the other, especially since we’ve seen neither has done well when that’s happened in the past — sacrifice themselves in the final battle? We’re trying to be hopeful, given that both Ackles and Padalecki have spoken about revisiting their characters in the future. (However, we also know that they could easily be brought back to life for that to happen.)

Alexander Calvert Jack Supernatural Season 15 Episode 12
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Will Jack stop God?

Jack is supposed to be the one who will be able to take down God, and the quest Billie has him on in order to do so even gave him back his soul. But will he be able to succeed?

Misha Collins Castiel Supernatural Season 15 Episode 13
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Will the Empty claim Castiel?

Remember when Castiel offered himself up to the Empty in Jack’s place? It (in the form of Rachel Miner’s Meg) brought that up again in the last new episode to air, “Destiny’s Child,” and we can’t help but worry that there may not be a loophole to get him out of it.

Jake Abel Adam Michael Supernatural Season 15 Episode 8
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What will bring returning characters like Adam/Michael (Jake Abel), Uriel (Robert Wisdom), and Charlie (Felicia Day) back?

We know these characters are coming back over the next seven episodes, but we have no idea what to expect when Sam and Dean’s half-brother and the archangel, the (dead) angel, and both versions of the hacker and hunter show up.

Jared Padalecki Jensen Ackles Supernatural Bunker Telescope Sam Dean
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How much don't we know about the bunker?

We’ve seen a bit of the bunker, but there’s quite a bit we have yet to discover. That’s going to change — and we’re going to learn more about that telescope.

Emily Swallow Amara God's Sister Supernatural Season 11
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Will Amara be killed, too?

Because they have to kill God, his sister may have a ticking clock as well. Keeping her alive “throws things out of the balance,” which means the world ends, Dean has noted.

Supernatural Baby Impala Sam Dean Winchester
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How will it all end?

Sure, there’s God to kill, and it’s all going to depend on who survives, but what will the final image be? Will Sam and Dean, if they’re still alive, be heading off on a regular hunt? Will we see them driving down the road, in the Impala?