‘New Amsterdam’: 8 Things We Need to See Before the Series Finale

Ryan Eggold, Sandra Mae Frank, Jocko Sims in New Amsterdam
Francisco Roman/NBC; Virginia Sherwood/NBC; Ralph Bavaro/NBC

New Amsterdam has an end date: The NBC medical drama is signing off after a shortened fifth season that will premiere on September 20.

With only those 13 episodes of Season 5 left, time is running out to see some of the things we’d like to before it fades to black on the last scene. Last we saw everyone, Dr. Max Goodwin (Ryan Eggold) and Dr. Helen Sharpe (Freema Agyeman) were in different countries … when they should have been getting married and we didn’t know why she didn’t fly to New York. Dr. Lauren Bloom (Janet Montgomery) made the mature decision to officially end things with Leyla (Shiva Kalaiselvan) given the complicated matter of her helping her get her visa. Dr. Floyd Reynolds (Jocko Sims) met his father and had also made a mature decision about his personal life. And it looked like the end of Dr. Iggy Frome’s (Tyler Labine) marriage.

Where the 'New Amsterdam' Finale Left Everyone & What Could Be NextSee Also

Where the 'New Amsterdam' Finale Left Everyone & What Could Be Next

Plus, what's going on with the medical director position?

Keeping that in mind, we’re taking a look at what needs to happen next below.

New Amsterdam, Fifth and Final Season Premiere, Tuesday, September 20, 10/9c, NBC

Freema Agyeman as Dr. Helen Sharpe, Ryan Eggold as Dr. Max Goodwin in New Amsterdam
Virginia Sherwood/NBC

A Sharpwin wedding

Max and Helen were so close to getting married — the rooftop had been magically transformed for the ceremony! — only for her not to show up. We have no idea why she couldn’t get on the plane in London, but it’s impossible to imagine the series ending without the two saying “I do.” We just hope there’s more happiness than not for Sharpwin in the fifth season leading up to what we imagine could be a series finale wedding.

Freema Agyeman as Dr. Helen Sharpe, Ryan Eggold as Dr. Max Goodwin in New Amsterdam
Virginia Sherwood/NBC

Max and Helen in New York or London

Wedding issues aside, we’d rather not end the series with our favorite couple separated by an ocean. But wherever they are, the decision has to be what’s best for both of them, meaning if they return to New York for good, there better be an awesome job waiting for Helen equivalent to what she has in London (and what she wants).

Jocko Sims as Dr. Floyd Reynolds in New Amsterdam
Ralph Bavaro/NBC

Reynolds settled — in a job and his personal life

Over the years, we’ve seen quite a bit change for Reynolds on and off the job. He’s moved across the country, then moved back, then ended up on the outs with everyone after telling new medical director Dr. Veronica Fuentes (Michelle Forbes) about the resistance. He was engaged, then that ended, then he became involved with Dr. Lyn Malvo (Frances Turner), whose open marriage made things complicated (as did the pregnancy). Now, he’s met his father, and things between them can only best be described as “tentative.” The series should end with some sort of permanence for Reynolds.

Ryan Eggold as Max in New Amsterdam
Francisco Roman/NBC

A recreation of the auditorium scene from the series premiere

When we think of the first episode of New Amsterdam, we think of Max standing in front of everyone in the auditorium and detailing what he wanted to change — and shocking the staff. It would just feel right to see that kind of scene again in the finale, though not necessarily with the same tone or significant shake-ups.

Janet Montgomery as Dr. Lauren Bloom in New Amsterdam
Michael Greenberg/NBC

Bloom happy again

We may always be worried about her sobriety and it doesn’t look like she and Leyla (Shiva Kalaiselvan) are going to get back together anytime soon (due to Bloom helping her ex with her visa situation). But we can’t help but remember how happy Bloom was when she and Leyla first got together and she’d realized New Amsterdam was where she belonged. Let’s at least end the series with Bloom in a good place, both when it comes to her personal life (whether or not she’s with Leyla) and career.

Tyler Labine as Dr. Iggy Frome, Mike Doyle as Martin McIntyre in New Amsterdam
Virginia Sherwood/NBC

Iggy and Martin together

After some trouble for Iggy and Martin (Mike Doyle) in the form of Trevor, then some harsh words exchanged, things appeared to be looking up in the finale … only for Iggy to declare, “I can’t be who I am, I can’t be who I want to be with you.” Martin told him he should move out. We just hope they can have the conversations and make the changes they need to in order make it work by the finale. We’re invested in their family!

Sandra Mae Frank as Dr. Elizabeth Wilder in New Amsterdam
Virginia Sherwood/NBC

Much more Wilder

Sandra Mae Frank joined the cast in a recurring role this season, and her character, a deaf surgeon, not only ended up starting the resistance against Veronica but most importantly opened up the stories the series is telling when it comes to representation. Plus, Wilder is fun and has shown she’s willing to go head-to-head with anyone. Since she’s going to be a series regular in the final season, we hope that means as much Wilder as we want (a lot!).

Michelle Forbes as Dr. Veronica Fuentes in New Amsterdam
Ralph Bavaro/NBC

New Amsterdam in good hands

Dr. Veronica Fuentes (Michelle Forbes) was successfully ousted, but there is still the question of who’s going to be the hospital’s medical director. Whether or not Max returns to New York full-time to take the job, let’s leave the hospital in good hands — and before the final episode. After all, the series began with him coming in to take over that job. It would be perfect to see some sort of stability there in the lead-up to the finale instead of just in it.