Where the ‘New Amsterdam’ Finale Left Everyone & What Could Be Next

Ryan Eggold as Dr. Max Goodwin in New Amsterdam
Ralph Bavaro/NBC

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the New Amsterdam Season 4 finale “I’ll Be Your Shelter.”]

New Amsterdam shook things up in the Season 4 finale — the hospital itself with a hurricane that blew out the windows and led to Dr. Iggy Frome (Tyler Labine) and Dr. Elizabeth Wilder (Sandra Mae Frank) trying to find someplace safe for patients, and Dr. Max Goodwin’s (Ryan Eggold) life, with his and Dr. Helen Sharpe’s (Freema Agyeman) wedding.

As executive producer David Schulner told TV Insider before the finale, “it wouldn’t be New Amsterdam without a great cliffhanger,” and this episode had that for pretty much everyone. “We threw a hurricane in as a symbol that no one is on solid ground ever,” he added, and that’s true of where the episode left them, from the doctors’ relationships to even a key position at the hospital.

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Below, we recap where the NBC medical drama left everyone heading into the final season and speculate as to what could be coming next.

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Freema Agyeman as Dr. Helen Sharpe, Ryan Eggold as Dr. Max Goodwin in New Amsterdam
Virginia Sherwood/NBC

Dr. Max Goodwin & Dr. Helen Sharpe

Where the finale left them: Once the hurricane had passed, Max was seemingly finally able to locate Helen following a notification that her plane landed. But when he texted her to see if she was OK, her response was ominous: “Today has been… I have no words. Will call you ASAP.” And while their original venue for the wedding fell through due to the hurricane, Dr. Floyd Reynolds (Jocko Sims) came up with a solution: the roof. “Our friends have turned this place into magic, which is fitting because this place has always been magic for us. It’s where we work and it’s where you and I became friends and it’s where we fell in love and it just makes sense that this would be the place we finally start forever,” Max said in a voicemail he left Helen. But when she called him, she was crying and still in London! “I can’t,” she told him. “I just can’t. I’m so sorry.”

What could be next: We have a feeling that something happened in Helen’s life that has nothing to do with the wedding. With the show set to finish, we think it’s safe to say that it will end with them together and married, but it might just be a bit of a long, sometimes painful journey to get there.

Mike Doyle as Martin McIntyre, Tyler Labine as Dr. Iggy Frome in New Amsterdam
Eric Liebowitz/NBC

Dr. Iggy Frome & Martin

Where the finale left them: Is this the end of Iggy and Martin’s (Mike Doyle) marriage?! After successfully leading the hospital during the hurricane, Iggy reunited with his husband, only for Martin to wonder why he risked himself. “Because I had something to prove,” Iggy told him. “The only reason I didn’t think I could do it, the only thing holding me back was this voice in my head, and Martin, the voice is you… I can’t be who I am, I can’t be who I want to be with you.” Martin told him he should move out.

What could be next: It’s hard to imagine that the series would end without the couple that seemed the most stable when it began together, plus we love Iggy and Martin’s family so we hope they can work it out. But this does seem to be putting them on the path to figuring out how they can make their relationship work while addressing past issues and hopefully moving forward stronger than they were.

Janet Montgomery as Dr. Lauren Bloom, Shiva Kalaiselvan as Dr. Leyla Shinwari in New Amsterdam
Michael Greenberg/NBC

Dr. Lauren Bloom & Dr. Leyla Shinwari

Where the finale left them: Just as it seemed that Bloom (Janet Montgomery) and Leyla (Shiva Kalaiselvan) might be getting back together, the former made what was actually the most mature decision about their relationship. With Bloom helping Leyla get her visa — paying for her lawyer, giving her a permanent address — she knew that money would continue to affect their relationship. “What happens when we fight? You can’t win because I have all the power,” Bloom knew. “What if you want to break up with me? You can’t leave.” And so she gave Leyla her apartment until she gets her visa. “I can’t be there with you,” she explained.

What could be next: This is a tricky situation because it’s unclear how long it will take for Leyla to get her visa and then pay Bloom back. Can they make it work before the series ends? Will they truly be able to stay away from each other while working together? We wouldn’t be surprised if they hook up at least once or twice before everything is resolved.

Jocko Sims as Dr. Floyd Reynolds in New Amsterdam
Ralph Bavaro/NBC

Dr. Floyd Reynolds

Where the finale left him: Reynolds finally connected with his father, who at first brushed him after the two spent the hurricane together. “I need answers,” the doctor said, but “I don’t have any,” his father told him. However, he did ask for a recommendation for a doctor for his shoulder, and Reynolds said he’d call him with the number.

What could be next: It’s likely going to be a slow process for these two to near anything close to a father-son relationship, but given that Reynolds is about to be a father, we don’t think he’ll let this slip through the cracks.

Ryan Eggold as Dr. Max Goodwin in New Amsterdam
Virginia Sherwood/NBC

New Amsterdam's Medical Director

Where the finale left it: With Dr. Veronica Fuentes (Michelle Forbes) ousted, Dr. Langford was the new medical director in the finale, but he didn’t exactly seem qualified for the position during the hurricane. “I am open to ideas,” he told Bloom when she asked for his plan to save the hospital. “He’s not equipped” to lead the emergency response she told Reynolds after. “He literally asked me where the bathrooms are.”

What could be next: Can you imagine anyone but Max serving as the medical director right now? It’s hard to, and considering how the finale left Sharpwin, is it possible that Season 5 could at least start with Max back in his old job?